Before an Otaku, a Star Wars Fan.

I honestly have no idea how to even go about starting something like this. Growing up anime was never my focus nor was it a primary influence on my day to day life. Star Wars was a film, and experience that I got to enjoy growing up. It was a childhood movie and it was an experience that has always permeated my being. I was captivated by a story from a galaxy far, far away and by the actors and actresses that worked to bring memorable and loving characters to life. I grew up pretending that I was a Jedi, Sith, Stormtrooper or Rebel Pilot. I always wanted to be behind the seat of an X-Wing, leading a wing into battle to combat the evils of a Galactic Empire and to help save a Princess.

Star Wars is a series that introduced me to strong characters, evil characters and dynamic leads that had the guts and will to push forth in a time of uncertainty in order to make the world a better place; at least through their own eyes. I had a way to escape the issues of my real world life and into a universe from which I read many stories and followed the characters that I saw in the films. Now a part of that childhood has been forever lost with the passing of the phenomenal actress Carrie Fisher. She was the first female character that I had ever been exposed to and she was the first female actress that broke a mold for many years to come. She grew from a Princess in distress (Although she could hardly be called that when she jumped straight into action against the Empire) into a General that would lead a brave resistance against those who would see the galaxy in a much darker place. Carrie Fisher was a profound woman who needed no introduction, who followed no cookie cutter format. She was a hilarious, sarcastic and outstanding individual with whom I am glad to say I had the honor of spending my childhood and early adulthood with through film, book and imagination.

Now we can say the same for you, Carrie Fisher. May you rest in piece.

As a profound Star Wars fan this is a sad realization that I was not expecting to have to face when finishing off the year that has been 2016. Thank you so much to the woman who made me into the rabid fan of strong female characters that I am today and thank you so much for making me a lifelong fan of Star Wars films. Episode 8 will be all the more harder to watch now knowing that this will be the last time that I get to see you on screen as one of my favorite characters in a piece of film, period. May the force be with you, always.

There will be no links or banners this time. Only remembrance for a character that I’ve always loved.


8 thoughts on “Before an Otaku, a Star Wars Fan.

  1. I just watched her on Ellen and graham norton not long ago. This really came outa nowhere.

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  2. It’s so sad and out of no where

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    1. It is! it has me now worried for James Earl Jones.

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      1. Omgggg noooo. He can’t go yet. I’ll think positive for him. He was in a play in NY he didn’t look bad.

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      2. Good! I cannot lose my main man. Hahah

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  3. This caught me off guard today. I was not ready for this news. Carrie Fisher was the best Leia. She showed me what a woman with power and determination can do under extreme circumstances. I felt like she was Leia. Seeing her gone crushed my heart.

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      1. The dark side has really captured my heart.


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