It is that time of the year where we sit down and take a look back on the wild and untamed landscape that was 2016 in reference to the anime industry. We saw the return of phenomenal series, we got brand new announcements of upcoming projects and we of course got to feed our brains with gorgeous anime runs. Sadly we are fickle creatures who need to find a way to constitute our feelings towards a specific number one entity. This can range from our favorite movie or game (click here to find out our game of the year! link coming soon!) to maybe a figure or collectible. Needless to say we feel obligated to hop on-board this sailing ship to bid the rather odd and complex year that was 2016.

For starters I do wish to start by talking about some honorable mentions and why you should still watch them! Everyone’s a winner in my book, but sadly there can be only one! The honorable mentions are here for being the best that they can be in terms of either story, art, substance or just pure fun.

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable - 01 - Large 15


  • JoJo’s bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable


  • Dimension W


  • Kiznaiver




  • Yuri On Ice!!!


Now for our number one pick for our Anime of the Year (AOTY): Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED). Never have I been so infatuated by an anime’s story than I have been with ERASED. It’s cast of characters are so well rounded and everything about the title screamed quality. Studio A-1 Pictures has created an anime that I find myself always wandering back to and it is one that I was literally on the edge of my seat for every episode.

While the suspense and the whole who did it story could be easy for some to spot, this was the first suspense anime that I have enjoyed in such a long time that when I managed to figure out who the antagonist of this series was; I was over myself with elation. The voice work is equally terrific and is one of my favorite to date! Thank you for being an amazing master piece and we hope to award many other titles this honor in the future!

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      • I love that intro song. I sometimes try to imitate the dance. I heard ERASED was good. I’m thinking about buying the DVDs for the English Dub. I seen trailers of the anime and it looked really good. I even saw a review from Shay that the anime was great.

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  1. I absolutely loved Yuri on Ice… it was one of those series that just took me by surprise! I never expected to like it as much as I did and now I can’t imagine a time before YOI swept the entire anime community by storm!

    Awesome list!

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