Smart Dolls represent an ever changing figure collection landscape

Face it you have traveled far and wide in search of the nendoroid or figma that will complete your collection, but what if i told you that you have another option. To an anime figure collector everything has a reason and every figure is a representation of their love for a selected series. I too have six nendoroids and two statuesque figures from series I adore, but Smart Dolls by Danny Choo are in another category of collecting all together. It would be unfair to lump this sort of figure into the category of anime figure collecting, but alas the sad truth is many find out about this figures through anime figure collectors. This was our case after seeing several bloggers in the anime twitter community sharing picture of their Smart Dolls. Smart Dolls are the next logical step for any collector looking to add personality, extreme customization and meaningful value. The sheer outfit possibility and use for the dolls is what makes this vein of figure highly interesting. I should note that Smart Doll is considered by many to be a doll, but we are looking at this from an anime figure collectors standpoint.

A sample of owners from varying demographics who are happy owners of a Smart Doll. 

Anime figures have only a collection based value. Sure with Nendoroids you can face and body swap outfits around, but you never come close to true personalization; unless you are a master 3D printer. Smart Dolls have limitless customization. From my quick dip into the information and forums I can sadly say that outfit options are only limited to your skills with fabric crafts and how much you are willing to spend. It would be wrong to not express how much of a fashion statement these dolls can be which own to the fact that they are fashion doll focused first. Many fashion students utilize these dolls to test clothing items aimed at mass production for general public use. I find this both fascinating and more engaging for students. It however still intrigues me more so on the side of collecting and expression. While many will use this doll for a fashion development sense others have used them as cosplay partners for convention visits. The simple fact that you can purchase custom, tailored clothing for these dolls means you can in essence have your doll cosplaying with you.

As both a fan of cosplay and someone who enjoys finding figures from series I enjoy, having that option to decide that you want your doll to look like Hatsune Miku one day and then the next you could turn her into Satsuki Kiryuin? That just gets the inner fan and collector in me excited! Danny Choo mentions the fact that Smart Dolls are designed with all walks of life in mind and the application in which they are utilized is up to the individual themselves. This is frankly outstanding and makes this open to everyone; regardless of gender. Now the big question that any simple minded collector would ask is, “How much does this set me back?” Well, a bit. Depending on if you want the doll packaged with more clothing options the Doll’s themselves will set you back around 440USD to 550USD; this pricing accounts for the different skin tone options your have to choose from as well. Now before you run off screaming at the price, bear in mind that most high end anime figures run upwards of 100USD or more. With the Smart Doll line up you have much more freedom to what you can do with the dolls and the material in which they are made from is pretty high grade materials and as such are definitely worth the attached price tag.

Are we getting one? Sadly not at this time. I lack the funding to even attempt an endeavor such as this one. The Smart Doll is an experience and investment beyond that of just simply buying one for the enjoyment of adding a figure to your growing Kill la Kill collection. Buying a Smart Doll is a choice that will allow to be more involved with how you display your collection and with how you collect figures overall. This influence changes how one looks at other figures and how they go about purchasing them. The application that a Smart Doll has beyond just sitting on a shelf is tremendous when compared to that of a Nendoroid or Figma. If you happen to also be a fashion student you now own a doll from which you can create new outfits for that go to help further your dream of becoming a fashion forward mogul. As cosplayer you can have a buddy to cosplay with or to experiment on with costume ideas before implementing them on a larger scale.

Danny Choo has been featured on a wide range of outlets and has a shinning career history. Anime Expo also usually hosts a both by Danny Choo himself!

Smart Doll by Danny Choo can be purchased from their Official website or physical store location in Tokyo, Japan. We were not contacted to do an article in anyway. I just frankly love the concept and would love to eventually own one to unbox and feature on Otaku Gamer Zone! If you happen to own a Smart Doll already, feel free to let us know down in the comment section below!

All Images were sourced via the official website for the amazing Smart Doll by Danny Choo!

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7 thoughts on “Smart Dolls represent an ever changing figure collection landscape

  1. This is really odd but interesting. They look like dolls in first glance but they look really different than the Figmas and Nendoroid. It looks pretty cool. This is the first time hearing these.

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    1. They are very unique and as such they have me interested haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They look pretty neat. I wonder far will far will it go in the markets along with anime figures. I wonder if you can create your own waifu. XD Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The principal behind them is that you do have that free form nature.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s pretty awesome . I bet they will sell like hot cakes. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Well they have been out for a few years now.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Really? I didn’t even know. I this started recently now.


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