New Anime Content is Taking a Backseat

So it comes to me with a conscious choice and decision that I will not be reviewing show after show of new content for Otaku Gamer Zone. No this doesn’t mean I won’t be talking about anime or future new anime, I just won’t focus on reviewing them consistently or talking heavily about them. I pull this choice due to the fact that my job with Viewster is becoming more and more dynamic and expansive; least to say is I love it. What I have to give up is time. Time that I have to find to watch a new anime, to learn about its themes and to apply them in order to better understand the title. Time that I am now spending with Viewster.

I will still continue to provide OGZ supporters and fans with anime content but at a much slower rate than I normally have when it comes to new content. Our discussions and let’s talk formats will still be around and are still headed your way! I just am going to focus less or slowly on new catalog items. Granted I want to talk about them I just don’t have that focus time between doing gaming for my website and writing/game streaming for Viewster as well. Hopefully you all enjoyed that live stream! I do have to apologize for how the system recorded in terms of quality of shading and buffering issues; horrid.

In terms of uploaded video content due to my illness I have held off on doing much voice or editing work and I will get back to it hopefully this week! I need to keep at it; especially when editing is concerned. While I will see where this winding and fog covered road will take me, I can only hope that what lies on the other side of the road is a road that was worth travelling. I hope through this endeavor that my writing can consistently develop into a tool from which I can truly make a living off of. I want to pursue a lifelong, dream of mine ever since I first was introduced to just how spectacular anime can be as a medium for discussion and inspiration.



3 thoughts on “New Anime Content is Taking a Backseat

  1. Seems like life is getting busier every day. I have been busy here as well. My anime viewing habits is slowly reducing.

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    1. FFXV certainly has not aided in that regard haha.

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      1. Haha that game is addicting. If it gets any better, I might get distracted from blogging, jk. Is that and my job. Since Christmas is coming, a lot of customers need us. XD

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