Inspired from a conversation that I had with a co-worker today during my break, they brought up the fact that they didn’t see many female blog sites that focused on anime. Lucky for them I was able to give them a list of some of my favorite female bloggers. After the fact it got me thinking, why don’t I make a list of websites that I frequent while on break or in my free time away from the constraints of writing and recording. These bloggers will range from video based to covering make-up based products. There will be plenty to choose from so I hope that you all enjoy the list we have compiled and feel free to give us some of your recommendations down in the comment section down below!

Anime Reviewer Girl: Bringing to the table a bit of video based discussions Shay from  Anime Reviewer Girl was one of our first followers and a classic staple of my daily YouTube watch list. She manages to provide a very different perspective on series and she adds a bit of flair to all that she does. Definitely holds the potential to be a great influence in the anime community.

Arria Cross: Bringing news on a scale that would rival anime news network, Arria brings to the table a more professional look and feel to the blogging sphere as a whole. Known for random blog read spree’s and awesome support, Arria has and will always be a figure in the community that we wish to one day inspire to be like and hopefully surpass; doubtful because she is on the fast track to amazing greatness!

Crimson’s Fujoshi life: Lover of yaoi and all things awesome, Crimson is an individual who has dipped her hand in our website with some of her own articles and has done a bit of everything. She has a way with writing and she has her share of convention crawls! We’ve had the awesome honor of being able to run into her at this years Naka-Kon 2015. If you keep your eyes peeled and your twitter app handy, you may run into her at your local convention!

GrimmGirl: Bringing makeup and anime and marrying the two with some amazing posts that touch on social issues in relation to anime and of course makeup. Now I can finally achieve the level of beauty that I have forever been chasing! Aside from the beautiful side of life she also tackles issues that are frankly issues needing tackling. While this could and does draw some harsh attention, she manages it all very well and the community is always frankly right behind her.

Lita-Kino: Random and happy, Lita Kino is quite frankly the most peppy YouTube personality that I have seen and she does a tone of cross work with Shay from Anime Reviewer Girl. She has so much to say about anime and she has so much personality to express. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t know of Lita and her amazing videos and community posts.

LynLynsays: Come along for yet another blog that brings a clever flair of constructive criticism and fun reads altogether. Lyn blogs about current running anime, impressions of manga, shows and just overall creative stuff. One of the other first adopters to follow OGZ, Lyn has been an awesome source of inspiration and feedback to any and all inspiring bloggers alike; she also has her very own fan club founded by Crimson!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. The rest of the bloggers on your list are all amazing women that deserve a lot of praise. As for the fan club, unofficial. UNOFFICIAL FAN CLUB. 😛

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  2. Big thank you for including me to this list, Kausus. And good decision because I would’ve hounded you day and night if I found out I wasn’t included in this list with my dear Lyn-sama. Ehehe. All amazing female bloggers. And I agree with the additional suggestions provided here in the comments, especially Dear Cat of Another Gaming Day whom I’m having a Twitter affair right now. Ahaha! Anyway, I give you my thanks again. It’s an honour to be included in this list and your commentary about me made me blush, to be honest. You have to know that you’re an amazing blogger, and without you we wouldn’t have formed our (beep beep) group which we’re going to launch soon. Take care. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

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  3. I’m constantly surprised by the number of female bloggers I’ve run into since starting my blog (and Australian bloggers as well). It’s hard enough finding an anime fan where I live let alone another female one. I definitely appreciate that it is much more acceptable nowadays for girls to be into anime and gaming.

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  4. *raises hand* I am a female blogger D:

    Haha anyway, I am following all of these bloggers, and I agree that they are all amazing. I hope each of them continue blogging and making interesting, enjoyable content 🙂

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