Anime Beginners: Finding the right anime to watch with your family!

We all know the struggle. Trying to find an anime that we can watch and share with our family while hoping that they won’t look down upon us as freaks of social outcasts. So we teater around the issue by trying to desperately find an anime that is socially acceptable, but the issue that we all end up running into is that we maybe only know of one or two titles. Thus it is often hard to share anime with your family without them thinking that you have some sort of odd sexual frustration or peculiar interests. That is why we have compiled a list of anime that are tame enough to share, but they still manage to hold enough value to keep you glued to your screen while hopefully having a fun time with the family. Note I will not be recommending the obvious ones like Naruto as I want to give recommendations for series that are hardly noted or talked about. They will be listed down below in no particular order.


Non Non Biyori: Making a second appearance in our series, Non Non Biyori continues to be a titles that fits a lot of categories. It is relaxed, funny and has little in the way for fan-service; just except for one scene where Hotaru is wearing a swimsuit and their teacher makes an offhand comment about her breast size. Outside of that issue it is perfect to enjoy with the family due in part to its fun and light-hearted nature. It was actually a series that I got my own mother to watch and she vocally expressed her interest in the series and was frankly quite sad to see it end. With over 24 episodes to enjoy this anime will keep your family entertained and possibly interested in further anime watching.


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: While more adult in its thematic tones Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (FMAB) is a phenomenal anime and one that I have frankly had the best experience in showing others. This anime has a spanning story that is intense, action packed, funny and downright emotional. I have never seen an anime with this sort of caliber aside from the listed anime down below. FMAB is just such a phenomenal story that I find myself constantly going back to the series for a re-watch. The anime itself has a bit of blood and gore so depending on family perspective it may not be a choice to watch with younger children; language is present, especially if you are watching the English dubbed version (Which is the better of the two in my own personal opinion). It is an anime worth watching with family and more.


Mushi-Shi: Often an anime that I will recommend Mushi-Shi is the anime version of a long running Hayao Miyazaki film. It is just so phenomenal and beautiful that there is no fault that I can give this anime. It has self-contained episodes that have recurring characters that interact with our main hero Ginko. The fact that it has self contained episodes means that for family members that watch with you, they won’t need to bring up old knowledge to understand what is going on should that have missed an episode. The other aspect that is oh so lovely about this is the looks, feeling and tone of each episode. Each one holds a value or lesson to be learned, a mistake to be corrected or an error to incur. The anime has a two season run and it gives you a great selection to watch from.


Kyousougiga: The last title will be pushing the limits of normality into the direction of colorful exploration and random anime goodness. Kyousougiga is a delightfully beautiful story that follows a young girl named Koto who is on a mission to find her father and mentor in a world through the looking glass. The anime is only 12 episodes long and it is really a shame it isn’t longer. The world that the anime inhabits is just beautiful, silly and mystical. It may be a bit much for the uninitiated anime fan or enthusiast as it does follow the random and odd patterns that we often associate with anime as a whole.

There you have it! Here are our anime recommendations for anime to watch with your family and while these are purely our own recommendations, there are more options to choose from, especially the obvious ones like Naruto or Sailor Moon. If you all have some recommendations for prospective viewers, please feel free to leave some comments down below!

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