Planet Coaster: A Childhood Dream

When you feel the need to relive that moment you started to play computer games, this moment is defined by a few titles one of them being Roller coaster Tycoon 2. This game introduced me to the joy and love of tycoon simulations and the joys of running my very own theme park. It was a thrilling experience like no other that manages to grasp that awed sense of wonder and amusement. Now Planet Coaster is here to meet that void and seal it with as much fun, if not more than I had previously experienced with the series. The game itself takes what I loved most about the previous titles and expands upon them massively. The ability to grasp that nostalgia and that sense of wonder that we all experience from tycoon based games is often a hard bit to master. We have had many attempts by both the developer of this game Frontier and by many other companies. The issue is the longevity of a title as being able to keep players entertained with options has always been a terrible struggle. Frankly we just cannot bare to play the same thing over and over without much in the way of additional deviation from the standard game play.

Planet Coaster manages to fix this situation by bringing to life the world in which it inhabits, by presenting Steam Workshop support for further park expansion and for having an engine in which only your imagination (Or PC) is your limiting factor. Being able to theme up your very own creations, to create your very own Disneyland, Six Flags or theme park of choice is frankly awe-inspiring. While I may not be the most proficient at crafting my own themed buildings or structures I do love the ability or more so the option that I have in order to truly make park my own. I have already seen awe-inspiring builds and designs that are just out of this world and it has given me much more to contemplate about when making a choice on what sort builds I would like to do. Making my very own pirate cove, castle land or sci-fi adventure is something that is only limited by my own ambition and enthusiasm for the build.

Now mechanically this game has been a blast. While I have to work on my end with FPS and screen tear optimization, the game has not once froze or crashed in my few days with the actual title itself. I praise very dedicated group of individuals who love to make games that we would love to play on top of making a game in which they would love to play themselves. User interface is simplistic and easy to navigate, once you are accustomed to the rather odd interface for a tycoon game. The actual park building mechanics are solid and they feel refreshed when compared to similar titles or even the older Roller coaster Tycoon 2; which also happens to have been developed by Frontier. Having such a fine-tuned control over the smallest of coaster details is absolutely amazing and also quite overwhelming. Where the games mechanics burden the title is here with the coaster and building options. There is just simply so much there that it can often cause the player to feel as if there is simply too much in the way of creative freedom or choice. Luckily you don’t need to use any of it, but for roller coasters you may need to experience the system a tad bit more than usual in order to meet the requirements of making a coaster that would allow your park visitors to enjoy it to its fullest.


If the building from scratch isn’t your sort of thing then fret not for the Steam Workshop is here to make your day a lot easier. Being able to have this option day one with a PC launch is phenomenal and frankly a godsend for those of you who wish to simply download awesome rides and creations versus having to do the dirty work yourself. Nothing wrong with doing things the easy way cause this community has some of the most amazing creators for a game that I have ever seen, maybe short of some of the excellent modders for Bethesda titles. I myself have downloaded a items and am in love with the amount of expand-ability that this all presents for the game itself and its potential lifespan with us.

Building a park from scratch is just something that is fundamental to the game, but building a park in which your guest feel entertained, happy and thrilled is core to the experience. Building a ride that has the right amount of enjoyment, fright and nauseating experience is what will determine whether or not your park has the potential for greatness or is nothing but a two cent knock-off from the greatest parks on the block. I find this to be a very fun experience and one that I hope to see other titles emulate; I mean who doesn’t like taking care of their park attendees? What building a proficiently functional park means to you as a player is two fold: Profit and enjoyment. Being able to fill a park full of attendees that find amazement and enjoyment from your park is just something that is quite satisfying and beyond enjoyable. I mean, who doesn’t love also bringing in the big bucks from a very successful park?


Another delightful aspect of this title is your very own workers. Every worker has a name and has ambitions for their own job. Whether that is a raise or better job training. They actually want to to their very best when it is your theme park that is concerned. They will actually work slower and will become depressed before eventually quitting. Not only do your workers thoughts and impressions matter, your park guests can weigh heavily with their own motivations. Maybe they won’t buy a park ticket due to the mounting cost of the family ticket or maybe your ride and food pricing is just astronomical. In either event the guests themselves will decide on how financially successful your park and your workers will be.

What this game has brought back to me in the sense of my childhood enjoyment was that sense of pure and unadulterated fun that I had when I first began to explore the phenomenon that was PC gaming. Whole worlds awaited me and the crowds of a successful park roared on to thrill me. Much like my time with Roller coaster Tycoon 2 my time with Planet Coaster has been nothing but enjoyable. While I have only personally scratched the surface with this game I have so much more that I wish to achieve with this title. If you want to make the park of your dreams or maybe a recreation of your very favorite theme parks. You can get your own copy from the Steam Store front or by following this link from the Official Planet Coaster Website.



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