Let’s Talk Musical Anime: Revisting old favorites

It has been a while since I have engaged with anime overall and it has been even longer since I took a look at the musical section of the anime world. This let’s talk music will be focusing on musically based anime rather than the usual focus on songs that I love from a series. This inspiration comes as I FINALLY begin to watch Sound Euphonium in its entirety; granted I have been out of anime for so long that I was worried I was going to become too gaming focused and thus lose what was my core, what was my base as a website. So I began to revisit the anime that made me smile, that gave me a childlike sense of glee. Some of these are of course generic and ones that are widely popular and frankly that is fine. I took my own lessons learned and my own views on the thematic practices of each anime. So without further adieu I shall get this boat rowing.


K-On: K-On is an anime that I will always love and always cherish. Fondly do I remember stumbling across this series for free over at Viewster during this fall/winter period last year. While a classic, this anime manages to hold up very well and has some of the best musical moments that I have been able to witness from an anime series. The songs feel as if they were written with care and you can hear the strength behind the vocals and instruments from the anime. While it is cutesy and a bit above and beyond at times, the anime holds up extremely well and is always a joy to fall back on when I am in the mood for watching an anime with a whole heap of soul and character.

Love_Live!_ 's_3

Love Live: The quintessential musical anime when most anime viewers are asked about what anime involving music are their favorites. Sure it may not be everyone’s response, but I have yet to run into someone who has either not watched nor heard of this specific anime. It seems as if Love Live has managed to transcend most boundaries in terms of the anime language barrier.  I would argue that it is due to the music. The music in this title is powerful and embracing. It tells a story of growth for every character that has to write a song. It shows who they are and where they came from. Some of the songs within the show also reflect the group as a whole. I find this to be just jaw-dropping beautiful and it engages wonderfully with the watching audience.


Sound Euphonium: The newest addition to my musical watching career Sound Euphonium brings to the table deep seated emotion, strong highs and deep lows; at least from what I have seen of the first season thus far. It has a beautiful art style and screams quality to the sky and beyond. I am very pleased with how the animation looks and feels with the anime and while the music is there, it doesn’t feel like a main focus as with previous titles. Granted my impressions of the first season date back to when I first started to watch this title as it aired last year. Not the freshest of impression, which is why I really am pushing to go back and start the series anew. While I am sure that Sound Euphonium holds the high musical notes I will have to dig deep into the series to figure out if Kyoto Animation will steal my heart and mind away with this piece; much like they had previously done with K-On!

What are some of your absolute musical favorites? Do you even like musical anime? Feel free to leave us a comment down below and let us know! Also if you have yet to follow us on social media, feel free to use the links in the end card to reach us! We also are now an affiliate with Tokyo Otaku Mode! This website caters to anime merchandise from figures to plushies. It would mean a lot to us if you could replace your existing links with ours!

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1 thought on “Let’s Talk Musical Anime: Revisting old favorites

  1. I agree that K-ON is an adorable musical anime. Haven’t seen the other two, but they look interesting. Personally, although not solely a music anime, I really enjoy the musical focus of Angel Beats. Plus, the music is good enough to listen to in its own right. 🙂

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