Introducing Anime Beginners!

Welcome to a new series that will help to introduce new and prospective anime enthusiast to our ranks by helping the understand the deeper terminology, what anime make for great starters and collecting! While this particular piece was inspired by a new face to our family over at Viewster, I wanted to bring this sort of help to those who may also visit our website; cause frankly we also like to talk about and watch anime too! While everyone has their own tastes and their own starting points, please bear in mind that our recommendations here will vary from other websites and other channels due to differences in fundamental interests. While I prefer the more slice of life/moe oriented titles, that is not to say that I will go out to recommend say Attack on Titan as a superb starter; I may just throw that into another entry in our planned series.

What we wish to achieve with this series is a way for newcomers to have some sense of knowing what certain terms mean and how the relate back to anime and the fandom at large. This is also a way of helping to showcase that not all anime is about half naked women or men running around with overly large weapons. While I foresee that it will be a series that will have one or two posts every so often I would like to bring this into our line-up as a fully dedicated post type to share with the great anime community and beyond. I frankly love having an excuse to talk about anime with new faces and this allows for me to achieve that like, that personal enjoyment that I get out of actually talking about anime to others.

This first post will sadly not talk about much than what I have already stated, but I would like to start this series off right by recommending a few anime from the various degrees of tone. Some may be light hearten others more serious and tense. In either event I hope that this list is a great starting point and I hope to hear back from you all about this new feature! This will not be a Patreon exclusive as it will be designed to allow for ease of access and availability! The aforementioned titles can be accessed (depending on country of origin) from Crunchyroll, Funimation or Viewster. Not all titles will be on either service, with some only having one of the aforementioned titles!


Cowboy Bebop: Is the classic that most fans or casual viewers of anime will often talk about when stating what some of their favorite series are. Set in a far flung future, this particular anime follows a varied cast of characters through their various jobs and ploys in the vastness of space. This anime eventually went on to inspire a film by the same name and has since become cemented as a must see for any and all.


K-On: A cheerful, musical and silly anime at heart, K-On explores the story of several high school girls as they try their best to keep their local school’s light music club running; with the main character joining because she simply thought it would be fun. This is one of the most recommended musical titles to date (save for other titles like Idol Master or Love Live) and has gone on to produce a great library of music that is available for purchase on most iTunes store fronts! This anime is perfect for those who enjoy cute, great music and fantastic art.


Psycho-Pass: Enter a dark and gritty world where your potential for a criminal is determined by a hue and number; all dictated by a mysterious system called Sybil. This dark and violent anime is pure genius and a terrific watch for the more seasoned viewer. It has a case by case story line approach with carry over from each episode that helps to expand the overall story.


Nichijou: An anime that should not need an introduction, so much as it needs an explanation. Nichijou follows the ‘everyday’ lives of several characters and is just off the wall fun! From the witty and hilarious humor to the phenomenal art style, Nichijou is an anime that everyone should at least watch once. While it may seem quite outlandish to the casual or brand new viewer, it is still a classic.


Non Non Biyori: If Nichijou was too much of an off the wall title for you then perhaps you would consider Non Non Biyori. Much like the title above, Non Non Biyori follows the everyday lives of several countryside girls as they work their way through a combined classroom of different grade levels. Along the way they discover new experiences, adventures and randomness on a whole other level. I often find myself referring to this title as Nichijou in a countryside setting.



2 thoughts on “Introducing Anime Beginners!

  1. Great article and some starter choices ☺️

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  2. Cop shows are a huge hit anywhere, so I’m sure the mystery and sci-fi action elements of Psycho-Pass would draw in nearly anyone. And of course, can’t go wrong with Attack on Titan these days!

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