Our CyberpowerPC review!

Often you will find the elite of the PC Master Race sipping their tea from fine china all the while laughing and scoffing at those lowly console peasants who scrap around on hardware only fit to play games at their minimum best. Their haughty attitude often carries over to those among them who would opt to purchase pre built, custom gaming PC’s from companies like CyberpowerPC. I am here to tell you all to not listen to them. Do not carry on their false chants nor their idealistic ways; not saying that doing it yourself is bad in anyway. For I have come from the land of the consoles, I have purchased from the custom pre built gaming PC company and I have but one word to say to you all; Phenomenal. I have heard and seen a few less than amazing reviews about buying from companies like CyberpowerPC and frankly I went in knowing that and still held faithful to my gut in knowing that while I could have saved maybe a couple of bucks pre-building this PC, I would have had to shell out for a copy of Windows 10 still.

Having finally received our PC I can say that I am amazed at the effort and quality of work that went into this PC. I didn’t even pay for cable management and the PC’s core looks amazingly thought out and well tended to! Thank you for this! I have to say I appreciated the amount of care that went into the packaging and the amount of quality that I got for the price I paid for. SO what exactly did we end up with from the amazing folks over at CyberpowerPC? Well, allow me to jot you down a list of components!

  • MSI Z170A Motherboard
  • 8GB of DDR4 3000mhz RAM
  • EVGA GTX 1060 3gb DDR5 VRAM
  • Intel core i5-6600 3.3ghz
  • DeepCool Tower cooling fan
  • 480gb Kingston Solid State Drive
  • 2TB Western Digital External Hard Drive
  • 3 extra case fans for ample cooling
  • CyberpowerPC Skoripion Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB
  • X-1 Sentinel gaming tower

While I am sure I may have missed one or two items in our PC, I have to say that I am very pleased with the results and how well the keyboard is holding up; granted it is a valued $99.99 keyboard! We spent a total of $987.00 USD by the end of our build with a few extra freebies thrown in thanks to the amazing folks over at CyberpowerPC! We also managed to grab from our workplace the amazing microphone Blue Yeti Blackout for only $17.71USD after the use of a gift card! Now my build is a bit on the expensive end and may not affordable for the average gamer. I say this lightly due to the fact that even a light gaming rig, if you are using a Nvidia GTX 1050 or 1050ti, can still pack a whole lot of punch. I went with a bit more gusto due to wanting to be able to play the games I care about plus a few new releases for the foreseeable future. Skyrim Special Edition with over 43 mods installed runs like a dream on Ultra settings at 1080p and while I do not have FRAPs purchased as of this writing, I do plan on doing so in the near future. I can only gauge performance based on what I can physically see gameplay wise and I have little to no complaints.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the specifications that I am running tends to meet most of the recommended settings for a popular PC releases. While I do wish to try out or rig on several other titles, I can imagine that this will perform amazingly well when it comes to titles such as Blizzard’s Overwatch or 2K Games Civilization V or VI. Granted I wanted this PC to become the replacement to my aged notebook that has served as my go to gaming platform and go to workstation. Now with a better base from which I can reach and a better base from which I can expand from, this new PC is a literal godsend.

Not having to worry about broken membrane keys, blue screens and odd software glitched and crashed goes such a long way in terms of productivity. The only issue that I have to fight it the issue of making sure that what I install on our SSD is what I need to be on the drive. As I have a 2TB external Hard Drive this should not be an issue and all I simply have to do is just decide on what is needed and what is not needed. Having the OS and primary games installed is a must for both boot time and quick gameplay loads between individual cells and general smoothness. While I do worry that the EVGA GTX 1060 3gb of DDR5 is not enough, I feel that it will be enough for what I want to do with it. The only aggravating experience that I had with the PC being shipped was not on CyberpowerPC’s end, it was on UPS’s end. The amount of time it took for them to just simply get it across country and to just even pick up the PC was lazy and frankly slower than anything I have seen from this company yet. The simple lack of progress updates was particularly frustrating, especially when you are planning on getting information ready to move and so on. While a rather minute complaint it was one of the few ones that I could possibly think of to gripe over.

The Blue Yeti Blackout!

CyberpowerPC’s work on this PC is phenomenal and frankly amazing. While I have little purchasing experience with computer this was a very good first impression. The service that I got and the email’s that they sent to keep me informed was welcomed and encouraged! Frankly the thrown in free items were very welcomed and I can say that I don’t think that the quality of the items is shoddy in any way, shape or form. If you are looking into a custom gaming laptop or PC in your horizon then I cannot recommend this company more than I can. The build quality was again fantastic and everything was packed with care and protected amazingly well. This is not a sponsored review in any way, shape or form. This is just someone who has been through an amazing experience. Feel free to use any of the given hyperlinks to check out their website!



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