Thanks for the ride

Long before Otaku Gamer Zone was even conceptualized, my current Dell XPS Notebook was the standard for my gaming endeavors and more it was the laptop that saw me through a bulk of college and it also bore witness to my first attempt at a YouTube Gaming channel. It also happened to see the iterations of many failed blog sites before it. These ranged from a blog that talked about Global Studies majors, to Linux based gaming, to 3D manga creation and the eventual birth of my current website. Where my current plans, wants and objectives grew, the notebook failed to keep up due to understandable and yet frustrating limitations due to its older software.

Having first served tours of duty with a family member during their army tenure, the notebook found its way to me after said family member stated that it was on its last legs and maybe had another year at best. I gave it five more good years. It also gave me one of the best past years of my life due in part to the creation of Otaku Gamer Zone. Now it is time to send this notebook off to the undying lands to spend a life filled with joy and happiness. Will I be getting rid of this laptop? Most likely not. I want to keep it around for portability purposes when I will not be able to bring my desktop with me. While I got you on the tail end of life, I hope you are able to fully enjoy life by taking easy and enjoying the fact that you won’t have to have so much in terms of installed programs on you any more!

What this means for our new PC going forward is the ability to take the blinding light, the spark of hope and run with it further than my former notebook could ever run. Video making and editing, gaming, streaming all of this will be made possible due to this new entry and addition the the amazing site that it Otaku Gamer Zone. I hope to finally be on track with our let’s play plans and goals very soon and I hope to be on track with more video based content. I have yet to really put this PC through its paces but I think that this will be a good time and place to do so. While I am nervous to see what sort of future lies ahead of this PC, I am hoping that I can spend some amazing and quality time with this rig as we explore unknown areas of the internet in the effort to make one hell of a website and one heck of an awesome YouTube channel!



2 thoughts on “Thanks for the ride

  1. For a moment I thought you are selling your assets and declaring bankrupcy.

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    1. Same. Just about had a stroke. Grats on the new computer, Kausus!

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