Our Fallout 4 planned mod list is insane!

Much like I do when I start to plan out any endeavor I have set out to try to plan out a road on the mods that I wish have as a part of something as ambitious as a survival let’s play series of a title that is frankly becoming more and more niche. With that being said it will be more or less the flagship of our planned let’s play features. This is riding on quite a bit considering that I do not have the PC yet nor the recording programs needed to achieve such a task. Oops. That is not to say that it is a terrible thing! Best to be very prepared than to have it all and lack proper preparation. Granted the issue we may run into is an issue of how impacting 8gb of DDR4 will be when we begin to pile on a whopping 48 mods in total! I have never had a game that had that many mods before and the closest comparison I had was for Fallout New Vegas at a mod load of 25; which even then had no impact on my computers performance and only 6gb of DDR3; granted Fallout New Vegas wasn’t too terribly demanding.

Now I do not know what mods will work and how many mod based conflicts we will experience; frankly I am desperately hoping that all of them just work perfectly fine. The main issue I will experience is mods that re-texture with say 2k or 4k maps that gush detail. This will cause inadvertent strain and woe upon our ram/vram and will end up affecting a fair bit of gameplay experience. That is why I will try my best to install modded texture maps that will sit about the 1k-2k range in term of quality. It will be enough to make a difference, but not enough to become a detrimental burden upon our new system.

A full list of all the mods that we are planning on launching our series with. This will depend of course on mod to mod conflicts.

As far as the list is concerned I will be posting a spreadsheet layout that should be easy to see and should better detail the mods that I have planned for installation. Our goal with these mods is to be as lore friendly or as technologically inspired friendly to the game. Take for example the original Star Trek phaser. Obviously it is neither lore friendly or within the same spectrum. It is however lore friendly from a technological standpoint. With body mod overhauls to massive weapon introductions to a ton of weather and settlement tweaks, we have more than enough to satisfy a rather delicious playthrough!

Image features the mod: CBBE Simply Clothing in use on a character with the body set. 

I will be upfront, yes we are using CBBE, no it is not because we like to see everyone nude. CBBE has one of the best body meshes available for Fallout 4 and it gives so much better detail to the ladies of the commonwealth… Frankly I wish there was a mod for the gents of the commonwealth as I was not able to find a mod after hours of digging around on the Nexus. It is massively ambitious on my behalf and I am frankly excited to see how this all runs together. Now I will be doing the sensible thing and sourcing my modifications from sources like Nexus mods of the actual Bethesda landing page for their own mod section. I want to make sure this baby is as protected that I can make it. Which reminds me I need to actually look into getting a license renewal for that when I transfer systems.


As far as what I wish to achieve for this actual let’s play series is a more down to earth, ‘realistic’ playthrough of the game. That means that I must use mods that are lore friendly to the game or are at the very least in the same technological vein as the game’s portrayal of tech itself. I want to be as immersive as I can be and while I am not going for story completion I will be going for progression and settlement building for all of the actual factions; not counting the raider factions from Nuka-World cause raiders can take a hike frankly. How I will do this is simple. I will progress with every faction for as long as I can progress with them until I reach a point when the game tells me that I will make bad with faction A, B or C. This means that areas near the influence of the said factions, not accounting for the scattered railroad, will have influence over a set of areas. I will talk about this in a future post or within the first stages of the video itself.

So there you have it! A look into what we are planning for our actual Let’s Play Series. Those Videos will be made accessible for our Patron supporters before they are made accessible to our general community. Right now I am settling for a day of exclusivity; maybe two days. If you have any general questions about modding or what we plan on doing or what you would like to see done please feel free to leave us a comment down below!



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