Where is our anime content?!?

Greeting everyone! So I need to come clean, sort of. I do have anime style articles in the works for our website, but I have not been talking about anime shows that have finished airing or reviewing them. This is mainly due to me just being burnt out. With all the financial stress I have had I have little drive to want to watch anything aside from videos on Fallout 4 or Civilization VI. This doesn’t mean I am done with anime by any means I am just at my limit of mental consumption and I need a break from all the anime watching I was doing. I’ve also been trying to find a few series that I can watch for personal enjoyment outside of watching a show for our website.

I’ve also held off on posting anime and some gaming content due to the fact that I am in the process of hopefully getting a funded computer this coming Friday. I do not know if that will be the case, but I really hope that it will be as it will put a lot of worry and concern about my failing laptop to rest. As such this means that I have been doing a bit of a clean/detox of our current laptop in preparation for the move. I want to make it clear that I will be getting a new PC regardless. I’ve not had one in sometime now that was my own as all of mine have been battered and broken hand-me-downs; minus the Lenovo that I bought back when I started college. Now trust when I say I will have new content incoming, especially when I get this new computer up and running! By golly I think I will have a literally streak of typing that first day. It has been too long since I have worked with a mechanical keyboard and I look forward to the feel and responsiveness of the mechanical keys.

I’m also hoping to have a new update on our mascot ASAP. I have a lot of great plans and right now they are down pat, but the funding becomes another issue altogether. Hopefully I can think of something quick that will help with cost issues! Anyways I just wanted to give you all a heads up on as to why I have been off about posting anime content. I’ve just hit a point to where I’ve been so inundated with anime that I feel like I’m just worn out over it.



8 thoughts on “Where is our anime content?!?

  1. I know the burnout feeling, yo. It will pass as soon as you can find the strength to pull yourself together and find a nice series to get you in the mood.

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    1. Indeed! I’ve just been more ragged over work and my computer to be fully honest aha.


  2. Have no fear. Don’t worry about it. Once you get the energy to write about anime, I bet it will be great. So far I do enjoy your livestreams on video games.

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  3. Definitely is a lot of work preparing for a new computer. Hope the transfer isn’t too stressful!

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    1. It shouldn’t be hopefully! Just costly and nerve wracking. It puts other financial endeavors on hold…


  4. Don’t worry about the burn out–Happens to many of us, some quite frequently, too! Once it comes back, it’ll be bolder than ever, hehe. Love the mascot~!

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  5. I can totally understand the burnt-out feeling. I’m looking forward to reading your anime posts when you start pumping them out again. Take care!

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    1. Hopefully soon! I’ve also just been holding off on a lot of typing as I want to give my new PC a lot of love tomorrow 🙂


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