Greeting everyone! So I need to come clean, sort of. I do have anime style articles in the works for our website, but I have not been talking about anime shows that have finished airing or reviewing them. This is mainly due to me just being burnt out. With all the financial stress I have had I have little drive to want to watch anything aside from videos on Fallout 4 or Civilization VI. This doesn’t mean I am done with anime by any means I am just at my limit of mental consumption and I need a break from all the anime watching I was doing. I’ve also been trying to find a few series that I can watch for personal enjoyment outside of watching a show for our website.

I’ve also held off on posting anime and some gaming content due to the fact that I am in the process of hopefully getting a funded computer this coming Friday. I do not know if that will be the case, but I really hope that it will be as it will put a lot of worry and concern about my failing laptop to rest. As such this means that I have been doing a bit of a clean/detox of our current laptop in preparation for the move. I want to make it clear that I will be getting a new PC regardless. I’ve not had one in sometime now that was my own as all of mine have been battered and broken hand-me-downs; minus the Lenovo that I bought back when I started college. Now trust when I say I will have new content incoming, especially when I get this new computer up and running! By golly I think I will have a literally streak of typing that first day. It has been too long since I have worked with a mechanical keyboard and I look forward to the feel and responsiveness of the mechanical keys.

I’m also hoping to have a new update on our mascot ASAP. I have a lot of great plans and right now they are down pat, but the funding becomes another issue altogether. Hopefully I can think of something quick that will help with cost issues! Anyways I just wanted to give you all a heads up on as to why I have been off about posting anime content. I’ve just hit a point to where I’ve been so inundated with anime that I feel like I’m just worn out over it.




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