Dear Sony: Please consider changing your mod policy for Fallout 4

*Featured image is from the mod “Peaceful Fatigues by Elianora“*

After basking in the news that we would receive mod support and praising the simple fact that it is better than nothing I have to say I am in a position to where my view is now gone into a 180 turn around. Sony must understand that there has been a massive loss of interest in mod support. With major mod developers, like the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch stating they will not be bringing their mod to PS4 due to using a custom script. It is frankly most infuriating to see this being called “mod support” This is far from mod support. This is glorified “custom DLC” that is using the tried and explored in-game assets. A true mod brings a flavor of custom design and inspiration that helps to improve the base game. This “support” does nothing of the likes. Sure, it may open up access to new building items in the workshop or make weapon mod glitches more “official”, but this is far from anything we as fans expected or wanted.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not hammering on Sony’s respect for protecting other developers. What I mean by saying that is that through speculation I can say that Sony must have arrived at this decision due to not wanting to support asset that may be used from other titles without the original studio’s consent I.E. Star Wars themed mods using texture assets from other games like Battlefront. This has to be the most logical reason as to why Sony is not allowing mods to be the way they should be and that is awesome. Seeing a company that actually cares about protecting other studios from having to worry about players using their assets without permission is great! What this move does unintentionally(?) is to block other mods that are developed from the ground up with original textures and original scripting. It hampers that creativity that makes modding a Bethesda title so much fun. It is why I am also trying to fund a custom PC so I can actually bring you all “True” mods.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Playstation 4. It is one of the best consoles I have ever owned and I love the library of titles that Sony brings to it. The PS3 was a console that showed me how amazing games can have a compelling story and the the PS4 kept me faithful to the amazing hardware and vision that Sony had for gamers. I felt like this was a company that understood its core audience and new what gamers liked and wanted. Is this a small issue in comparison to others that we face in gaming? Yes, but it is still an issue none the less for titles that want to bring mods to consoles in the future. 

What I wish for Sony realize is that we are missing out on a true experience. I have been prowling forums, looking at the official Bethesda mod page and I still have yet to see anything in development or already published for PS4 mods. Now this could just be that most mod developers have yet to get around to doing this and I will follow up once I get some more information on the matter, but it leaves me feeling like I’m not getting anything. It leaves me feeling like I picked the wrong console manufacturer to support. I mean with the newly re-released Skyrim coming out in less than a week I have yet to see ANY sort of mod post in the forums or on their actual page and the mod support for Fallout 4 is supposed to launch a bit after the work with Skyrim has been done; which may attribute to why I have not seen any information on mods yet for PS4. As a player and fan of Bethesda titles, modding has always been at the core. Being able to install a mod like Alternate Start or a mod that improves upon the survival mode is something that I find adds more layers to the already great game.

With the lacking support for external assets and scripting that eliminates mods that aren’t using assets from other games. It eliminates what it meant for me to play a Bethesda title. I’ve contemplated selling my copy of Fallout 4 more times than I can count because I know that the support we are getting for the PS4 version is paltry in comparison. What happened to that Sony press conference back when they were launching that wowed me beyond belief? Supporting your gaming community means a lot. Supporting a modding community means even more. I frankly see no compelling reason to tell my followers, my co-workers or anyone that asks me, “What console should I get Skyrim or Fallout 4 on?” to recommend a Sony PS4. Cause if they want to flesh out their experience, to find more hours of enjoyment from a fantastic game series, then they will have to find that on Xbox One or PC. They will not find that joy of taking a Bethesda title and creating a brand new journey and experience on the PS4 and that is just the sad and upfront truth. There is so much lost love and joy there that I frankly feel like there is no point in playing Fallout 4 any more due to having played the game to the extent that I can get out of just the core experience. So please as a fan of your hardware and as a fan of amazing, custom mods, please reconsider your stance on the support of mods for Fallout 4 & Skyrim. If it is the worry over content creators using assets from other games then block those assets. Don’t block the creators that feverishly worked on making custom textures, scripts and code for a simple mod like Alternate Start or Homemaker. While I doubt a tiny little website like Otaku Game Zone can carry a much bigger message, I do hope that it can at least reach someone over at Sony and can hopefully get them to reconsider that stance.


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