A bump in the road for our gaming plans!

Okay this has become a bit of a nuisance and I do have to address a few things in regards to our Patreon that we are currently running. The first and most pressing issue I am facing is the fact that all the freeware programs I have tried from OBS, CamStudio & XSplit are failing to record the proper frame rate; this issue could be to the fact that these programs are also running high on the RAM usage which is only fixable by adding more RAM. I cannot abide with putting choppy and horrid video footage up for you all to suffer through which brings me to my next decision. I may have too look into at least purchasing FRAPs. I have used FRAPs in the past, long before I ever decided to run OGZ and it worked marvelously well, with a few hiccups here and there.

The issue that I am currently facing is the fact that I also have car issues currently plaguing me and as such I cannot purchase the program anytime soon. Which means I have to knock back my planned Let’s Plays for my generous Patron subscribers. Which means I will be making the conscious choice to try and make up for it with more live streams from our PS4. It won’t be the planned content I wanted, but it will be something that I feel my Patron’s would feel okay with. I personally take failures and issues to heart as they tend to reflect on the individual no matter the situation. As such I humbly ask that you forgive us for our lacking future content! I will work on getting this matter resolved as quickly as I can. The sooner I can get this new computer built and running I think the better off I will be. The hardest part is actually finding the extra funding in between the required bills I have to make. That is why I highly encourage anyone who would consider donating to us to check out our Patreon. It helps us cover cost expenses for this endeavor and as such it allows me to bring you all the content that I wish to bring you; upon my own devices and from your requests!

Granted another issue that I will be facing are holiday work hours. It is not something I enjoy as most of my free time gets eaten into by longer work hours. This is both good in the sense of more working hours and a better paycheck, however it comes at a cost of me losing time for streaming, writing and gaming. I hope this doesn’t affect me all too much, but I will just have to wait and see how stuff pans out. I did want to at least keep you all in the loop in regards to what issues we are facing and from the simple fact that I have been through forum thread after forum thread to no avail. We will just have to wait and hope that all the plans I have are still able to fall in line with one another.



1 thought on “A bump in the road for our gaming plans!

  1. Sorry to hear about the dilemma. It’s not serious anymore but I do get car trouble from time to time. I might have to be on strict budget until I can find an affordable car. Besides me, it must be hard to deal with this stuff and keep a Patreon. I am hoping everything will be up and running. Just stay strong dude. 🙂

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