As you all may have already seen we just recently commissioned the phenomenally talented Shari Cote aka Milkgrrl to bring us a brand new mascot. We did not get to use our original mascot beyond the initial design and introduction as the artist did raise their pricing and as such I had to look for another artist. It is not that I am cheap, it is the simple fact that I am the sole contributor towards OGZ funding! However I am looking to change that by being more proactive and spending a little bit more on bringing a new look to Otaku Gamer Zone.

I cannot express how much this means to me as I like having something that can physically represent OGZ all while having a life of it’s own! That is what I’ve always loved about Crunchyroll’s Hime mascot. She is both an embodiment of the site she represents while also having a life entirely her own. While I doubt I will arise to such levels of notoriety I do hope that Ota-San will be able to add a bit more flair to our website. With that in mind I do have a LOT more inbound. As of this writing I am working on a few ideas and I hope that they are things that can be feasibly obtained. It will add a new flair to what we do on our website and how all our review’s will look for the featured image.

A fantastic artists by all rights! She also happens to draw the lewdies if you happen to enjoy that too! 

All I can do is cross my fingers and hope that it all works out as I can picture it in my head. As of right now all I can say is thank you so much to Shari. If you are reading this thank you for the amazing work you did in such a quick amount of time! I cannot thank you more than I already have. Please consider following the hyperlinks to her Patreon and also consider looking at donating to us too! We are using the donated funding to help build a new computer and to help fund most of OGZ’s  running costs and various expenses! All funds go into making OGZ the best that we can make it.




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