Industry focused anime are on the rise!

With the anime world in a whirlwind of ever changing dynamics and new genre types, the focus on anime that sport an adaptation of what it is like to work within the industry have been on a popular rise as of late. Phenomenal shows like Shirobako, New Game! And Girlish Number all attempt to bring us a bit closer to how the anime, gaming and voice acting industry works. While they are not perfect representations, they are the representations that we all get the closest to experiencing and seeing. Now what makes these ones stand out is just how phenomenally crafted they are. They can either be the best looking or the best thematically. Each one has a story all it’s own and while they share the same genre type; they are as fundamentally different as you can get between anime.

Shirobako was one of the first in the genre I have seen and chronologically the first of the three aforementioned anime. What Shirobako attempts to show us is how getting an anime series up and running takes a group effort from many different companies and the struggles that all employees and contributors face in such a project. This anime personally climbed up to the top of my most watched and most enjoyed anime of all time and that is a feat that only a select few titles have had the honor of doing. What made this anime so enjoyable for me was the fact that I got a window into an industry that I very much love and have been working towards being apart of. It it not everyday that someone in the middle of nowhere gets a chance at being able to have that view port. The actual anime itself follows five girls who all graduated from the same community college and are working towards careers within the anime industry whether it be in voice acting, information/location scouting, producing or all the above.


While the story was simple the learning experience was anything but. Being able to at least become educated on the practices is enough to give any sort of fan the utmost respect and admiration that goes into bringing the final product that we see to the public eye. I mean just sit back and think about how many times you hear viewers scoff at how crummy the material is or that they could have done a better job with it. Seeing a glimpse of what all goes into the process is enough to hopefully open some eyes and ears and allow them to think twice about what they comment or say about said title that they are critiquing.


Speaking of a world in which fans are constantly saying they would do better in, gaming is one of the more volatile and harshly criticized markets to work in. While not the worst it most certainly is not an easy one to be in. New Game! Attempts to show us a more playful side to game development with it’s use of an all female cast as they explore the stress, fun and oddities of working within the gaming industry. New Game! Brings back memories of fondly playing through old Nintendo GameBoy Color games and enjoying every hour spent trying to catch all those Pokemon or trying to get through a dungeon in an intense JRPG title. While the anime does focus more on the characters day to day lives, it still holds some of the key elements of the industry genre to heart and it shows us the stress and creativity that goes into bringing a game to market and hoping that all the work, sweat and tears pays off in the end for you. What makes this anime important in covering this topic is that just about anyone you talk to has at least played a game or has at least one specific title in which they are absolutely smitten by. This passion often drives people into the industry in either a actual hands on format or maybe in a journalism standpoint. Gaming gave them that push, much like gaming gave Aoba Suzukaze the aspiration of being a 3d character modeler for a gaming company she absolutely loved.


The last anime to be talked about here is the newly debuted anime Gi(a)rlish Number. The anime follows the character Chitose Karasuma  as she attempts to make a lasting impression on the voice acting industry as an idol voice actress! While we only have a first episode look into the anime, this is one that I feel many will like. It explores a side of the anime industry that is quite frankly harsh, competitive and false; in the sense of keeping up face value and enjoyment. We see this lack of enthusiasm for the industry from the main heroine herself and it is frankly a stark contrast from the former two titles. While I wish I had as much to say about this title as the above I frankly lack in knowledge about the scene for Seiyuu’s in general. It is both a field and topic that is very interesting to us and I hope to see something great develop from this title.

While these anime do not feature a great one to one comparison between the two world it is still an enjoyable aspect. Having that open window wafting the sweet smells of success, trial and error, failure and strife is just something that I find quite interesting. All the aforementioned anime can be found over at Crunchyroll for your streaming wants and needs! If you have seen these titles and you too enjoy the focus on the industry genre, what do you think will become of Gi(a)rlish Number and the genre as a whole? Will it be a fad that will be quickly swept aside or will we see more and more new titles and manga adaptations headed our way? Feel free to leave us a comment down below or on our official Facebook and Twitter pages!



2 thoughts on “Industry focused anime are on the rise!

  1. While I don’t think I’ve seen any of the industry-informative anime, they do fascinate me, and I hope we see more and more of them popping up. Shirobako is a must-watch for all those curious about the industry, and remains a good start–Which is why I’m saving up a weekend to just marathon the whole thing and emerge enlightened. I know how much you loved New Game! from Twitter, haha, such a cute-looking series. The industry seems like such a tragically harsh place, but it’s good to know the effort that is pumped into our favorite hobby!

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    1. Very much so! While New Game does focus on the more random happenings it does happen to have a few insightful bits sprinkled around the Yuri and fan service.

      Can highly recommend Girlish Number though. It feels more in line with Shirobako.

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