There is a new way to read new manga and its name is J-Novel Club!

While I do not spend my mornings trying to pick out topic ideas for a new article I do enjoy getting Twitter notifications from friends linking us to a brand new ebook service. The service in question is a little site called J-Novel Club and it is a wonderful website! The premises behind this website is that you get access to the latest manga chapters as they are being translated. Once they finish the full translation then it goes up for purchase on the website or if you sign-up with them as a premium member then you can simply download it as an ebook! This is essentially a simulcast manga site in where you get access to the episodes as they are released; just instead of episodes they are manga chapters. Here is a provided quote from their official announcement!

We are proud to announce J-Novel Club, the first place on the web where you can read officially licensed japanese light novels online, as they are being translated! And then collect the finished, high quality e-books from your favorite e-book store or go Premium and download straight from us!

Check out the forums, get all your questions (and more) from the faq, or just find a book to read and relax. You’re sure to find something fun and entertaining in our library, and we will be adding more titles continuously until the end of the year, so get hyped!

Frankly this leaves me very excited! I have been wanting to go more digital with my manga as I often find myself with my phone more so than I do with an actual hard copy of my manga on hand. The actual club membership service costs only $4.95 a month and the premium costs $10.95 a month and on top of the base membership access to pre-pub’s the premium gets you a free ebook credit every month! While sadly I don’t know how soon I can actually give this service a shot due to finances being finances I will be highly encouraging all of you to give this new service a look! It could potentially be a great influence in the online ebook market when it comes to manga’s and it will allow those of us who love manga quicker access to titles that may not be physically available here yet.

Feel free to use any of the hyperlinks to give their site a visit! I would love to find out if they are going to have some sort of affiliation program as I would love to support this service as best as I can with OGZ! A big thanks to all of you who notified us about this brand new service! Feel free to also follow J-Novel Club’s Official Twitter page!

Official J Novel Club website:

Feel free to engage with us both on Website, YouTube page, Facebook or on our Twitter Page! We always love to interact and chat with our fans! Also consider supporting us via Patreon!

*As a general reminder we ask that you humbly turn off ad-blocker as our website earns revenue through our advertisements!*

Also feel free to visit our affiliate page links! Purchasing items through this link will give a little bit back to OGZ. Now just by visiting our link you earn us some cash!


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