Current forecast for OGZ

Hello everyone! So I wanted to give another forecast update for Otaku Gamer Zone. Frankly I have been away for a bit of time and I have good reason! I am entering a busy work period through work and I am trying to make up for my lack of pay with more work hours. Gotta pay that rent! Aside from that I have been busy with gaming! We have actually been getting quite a few emails and I have been feverishly trying to get responses to those companies. This is exciting and it helps us as we now don’t have to worry about budgeting for most of these titles. This has unfortunately run into my anime viewing time. The more time I am playing these titles for review or live streams, the more time I lose out; frankly I am also occupied with life’s many woes and concerns!

With that being said I do have a review in the works that will be coming out sometime next week! I got too much going on to get it out tomorrow. On top of that I do also have a few other options lining up that I hope I can get out soon! One of them will be on our Patreon page first as a reward to the generous donors that are supporting us! I thank you all so very much! It means a lot to have that type of support in so little of time; it just means I need to work my butt off now. Now I am looking into doing a couple of Let’s Play video’s on a few PC titles. I did manage to find a free and legal screen capture software so, expect to see that coming sometime soon, but again it will go to our Patreon supporters first! Expect to see a post about that today over on our page!


Aside from gaming I do have anime! I have to finish a few of last seasons anime and then I can start in on my late impressions; granted I have reserved most of the for Viewster! You can see my Flip Flappers impression over at Viewster’s Official Blog you will also be seeing my impression of ClassicaLoid very soon as well! Next up will be my hotly sought after Girlish Number. It is another one of those anime that are going with the trend of increasingly popular industry focused titles. You can bet that I am over the moon for this series.

Besides that I do need to work on some sort of video vlog or video review or something that is a video in general. I have a lot I need to deal with financially these coming months and I hope that it won’t leave me in a comatose state of pure agony.


1 thought on “Current forecast for OGZ

  1. Oh wow. Busy busy Kausus. G’luck with everything. Stay awesome.

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