XCOM 2 is a formula for devious fun!

So as of late I have been in and out of posting content for OGZ. That’s mainly due to the fact that I have been busy with watching our new simulcasts over on Viewster and I have also been trying to play a bunch of new titles in order to bring something more to the table! One such title is XCOM 2. This title had released earlier in the year for PC and has finally made the transition to the next generation consoles of choice! For those of you a bit spotty on what this game series is about, allow for me to extrapolate! The game series itself is quite old as it can find its roots in the 90’s and the main focus of the series has always been oriented around you leading a squad of specially trained individuals on missions while also trying to maintain and build up a functioning base. All the while you must defend yourself and successfully embark on missions against the hostile aliens!

This formula has been repeated in an endless fashion through every title since and it has been borrowed and used in the many clones that try to imitate the series. It plays immensely well and it is frankly a very fun staple of the series. What makes the series stand out the most is the soldier’s that you get to join you. Everyone is unique, random and purely fun. It is fun to see them level up, get nicknames and continue to impress you as your go to soldiers. That is why it is all the more painful and maddening when they die in a mission that just goes south and only snowballs from there. Many times after just stomping through missions left and right will I encounter a mission that starts off promisingly enough, but then takes a drastic turn for the worst. A soldier misses a shot, an enemy gets an impossibly devastating critical on your best troop and everyone panics; leaving your carefully picked spots for drastically dangerous ones. It is this mechanic of the unknown, this frustrating mechanic that forces you to make the tough choices and to realize that you just lost some of the best troops you will ever have that makes this game deviously enjoyable.

There are games that may portray the relationship between you and your men/women in a much more deep manner, but for a simple game that doesn’t look like it would XCOM 2 does an amazingly beautiful job and bridging this connection between the two worlds. It leaves me cringing every time a soldier gets shot or one dies. That is someone who I lost and spent so much time improving and I can never get that character back. Sure I can easily replace them, but it still is a lost companion that you frankly won’t see again!


This becomes even better when you add into the fact that the game allows you to make your own soldiers! Now you can have all the inspired pop culture icon’s, anime references or family members! Nothing beats killing aliens with your uncle bob and sister kate! Aside from the amazing soldier/commander relationship the game plays very well for console and the translation from mouse and keyboard to controllers feels natural enough. There are sometimes where I will feel like the button placement for controls could be optimized, however that is but a small issue and I am sure with time I will grow accustomed to this layout.

We are currently working through this as best as we can in order to provide you all with a review and our thought on this fantastic game series! We did do one live stream of it over on our YouTube Channel, so feel free to click that link to watch it!

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1 thought on “XCOM 2 is a formula for devious fun!

  1. Huh, I didn’t know there were multiple games in this series. I have the board game which I knew was based on a video game but that’s it. (I’ve never played the board game though…)

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