FLIP FLAPPERS beauty is in the background

I have already gushed about the wonderful beauty that is FLIP FLAPPERS over on the official Viewster Blog. If you wish to read that first episode recap and impression then feel free to hit the hyperlink right here! For my site I wish to talk a bit more about the beauty that lies within the background art, the lesser looked at scenes. The anime is of course a magical girl anime, but it is a cut above the rest. It holds it’s head high and dares to be as cinematic as a Hayao Miyazaki film is able to be. The characters engage with this world as they knead around its main strings; tugging and testing them to see what unravels from it all. While the magical girl anime type tends to focus on the cuddly, cutesy vibe that we all are frankly used to seeing; although it is not uncommon for them to divert from the standard trope. This time around FLIP FLAPPERS is trying something unique by giving the background art a much larger and more vibrant focus as apart of the story telling.

Take a simple scene such as when Cocona happens upon the forest entrance to where she would end up exploring due to having a feverish curiosity as to what its purpose served. It’s this sense of wonder, amazement and just plain dumbfounded curiosity that drives much of what we see in an episode that frankly throws a helping of confounding information in our direction. However we are just as lost and confused as Cocona is at this point and are simply along with her on this adventure. Frankly this anime shines so much more when you give the background a better focus and how the characters interact with it a better look. It is hard for me to think about an anime that can frankly give way to such engaging environments aside from the very amazingly made Miyazaki films or New Game! Frankly Studio 3hz is onto something beautiful here.

The way the characters all touch upon the world and how it in effect acts upon them, is something that is just so gosh darn mystifying. It is so wonderful to have an anime that manages to make you feel so stunned and speechless with its backgrounds and then presents to you a chance to take a journey into these lands that are presented before us; cause we all are frankly as curious as the characters are about exploring the curious nature of these lands. It is frankly almost odd when put into perspective that this is again a magical girl style anime. With that being said it plays out so much more differently than any other magical girl anime that I have seen to date and I love that. I love how unique Studio 3hz is trying to make this anime feel within a genre that it practically copied and pasted over and over again. Everything about the anime and how it sets up the art, the backgrounds and the perspective is all just perfect. It flows like water down a perfectly made channel with no interruptions to its velocity or force.

If you have yet to watch FLIP FLAPPERS please do. It is so beautifully made and the first episode is phenomenal. While the initial layout for the story takes a bit of thinking and digesting, it is still a worthwhile series to pick up and watch. You can expect to see a fair bit of content in regards to this series from us over at Viewster’s Blog. This is frankly one of the series I am most excited for and can only hope that it continues to turn into something just jaw dropping gorgeous.

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