In Remembrance of Omakase

It’s hard to believe that a year has already past since I was swept in by Omakase by Viewster and ever since that period I have had nothing but an eventful journey. In a lot of ways my website was made possible because of Omakase. Now I am not saying it was solely responsible for our surge in popularity or advantages, but it did have a noticeable impact on OGZ. For those of you who did not know about this program feel free to read our, ‘Ode to Omakase’ or just search for Omakase on our site; we were very smitten by the program and loved every bit of it. The program itself took the standard idea of a box subscription service and decided to make it more focused, more catered to the anime it was representing for that month. The service itself was bi-monthly and also promised to bring HD streaming as part of its built in service. This was a highly attractive feature as you got a heck of a lot for just a small amount of money; 35USD every two months to be exact, which wasn’t all that bad.

Now the aspect of this program that was not well liked was its singular focus on the specific anime it was featuring. Rather than pick several ones and ship one or two items from all, Omakase would instead give all of it’s attention to the chosen anime of interest. The best selling and the first box out the door was the Kill la Kill box and it had some godly items such as the Senketsu Scarf & Kill la Kill Gold-Foil Hardcover Manga Volume one. Items like those made the Omakase program very credible and very attractive. The best part was Viewster’s focus on providing officially licensed merchandise to the subscriber. It was catered exclusively towards providing the best merchandise that it could possibly bring us and that is something that feels sorely lacking in most boxes. Boxes like Loot Anime felt like they only focused on the lesser made products and never opted to provide a functioning system to deliver high quality products.

Granted I personally owe a lot to Omakase as I was able to meet amazing personalities and people that I still engage with to this day. This program offered OGZ its first taste of an ambassador program and it offered us time with higher ups with whom I never thought I would get to mingle with. It allowed OGZ the luxury of establishing a lasting relationship with Viewster which just so happened to turn into a job with them. Never would I have thought that this time last year I would be in the position that I am in today. It makes me personally proud and equally happy to see how far OGZ  has come since its inception right after the end of Naka-Kon 2015. While this article is merely a way of me being able to reflect on where we came from, it is also a way for me to keep the Omakase name alive in spirit. I was so sad to see the program shut down, but it was able to give me a leg up in life before that was ever an issue and for that I can say I thank the Omakase program so much.

If you were apart of the program feel free to let us know how you originally found out about Omakase! I know I ran into it purely because I was wanting to watch K-On! And Viewster was the only one streaming it legally for free for the North American Region. If you never heard about this program, would you have subscribed to it? Feel free to let us know about your feelings in the comment section down below!

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