Feeling spooky? Here are our top anime to watch!

Ah, Halloween a time of year celebrated by most as the day of dead, a day for candy or a day to dress up wildly. For myself at OGZ it is the day that I can bust out the themed movies and binge watch them all. This year we will be actually watching multiple anime that add to the overall creepy and spooky vibe of Halloween. These range from mildly humorous and tame to the creepy extreme. Hopefully this list of ours can help inspire a watch of your own! Now these anime are ones that I have already talked about so I won’t be talking much about them. All i can say is that if you are looking for some scary material I would highly recommend you check out the anime adaption of the popular game Corpse Party. It is morbid and it is frankly pretty darned detail. While not a overly scary anime it is an awfully gory one and as such it may prove a bit much for anyone who’s stomach doesn’t sit well with that. Now onto my list of anime!




Blue Exorcist


Corpse Party


Soul Eater!


The Future Diary

Hopefully you all have seen these titles and maybe we can watch them together! If you have any other anime that you would recommend for the Halloween vibe feel free to leave us a recommendation down below, we would love to check the anime out! Also I would like to again thank everyone for the awesome month of September! It was the best for views on record and I wish to maintain this advance! If you want to help us out even more consider follow us over on Twitter and Facebook! While you are at it, feel free to use the link down below to consider donating towards our Patreon campaign!

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2 thoughts on “Feeling spooky? Here are our top anime to watch!

  1. Nice choices Kauses! I seen Blue Exorcist and I really love the music and characters. I haven’t really seen the series except one episode of Soul Eater but it’s a good choice Halloween because it does involve with spirits and Shinigami’s. Personally, I would add to your list Hellsing and Death Note. Hellsing because of the blood violence and vampires and Death Note because of Shinigami’s and death.

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  2. I definitely enjoyed Soul Eater and Blue Exorcist. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a true horror anime before, but those two are as close as I’ve ventured. Death Note as well I suppose as Matthew mentioned above me. I’m typically more of a happy Shonen Jump fighting fan, but it’s fun to branch out. If you want an anime that is fairly disturbing with some horror esque vibes then Serial Experiments Lain or Madoka Magica (Late at night) can work.

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