Our favorite Hatsune Miku Songs!

*Could not find the artist behind featured image, please let us know if you have information regarding the original artist so we can properly credit!*

In belated celebration for our favorite digital singer we want to share some of our top Hatsune Miku songs! We have only been into Hatsune Miku since 2013 after having ran into a few items of interest during our first excursion to the local convention Naka-Kon. Having a greater interest in thanks to that convention, our love for Miku has only grown. We have begun purchasing games in her name sake and have been enchanted by their rhythm based fun! However the most enjoyable part is that of her music. It’s beautiful, funny, quirky and deep. While it may not sound great to most ears it is a musical style that I and many others enjoy! So without further stalling let’s get onto the songs!

Levan Polkka

Aidee Hatsune Miku x Luka

Patchwork Staccato

Deep Sea Girl



A shorter list but these are just a few of our favorite songs that feature our favorite digital singer! Happy birthday Hatsune Miku! Hopefully you continue to grow into the digital pop-sensation that we all know you are capable of being! If you are looking for more Miku content then please look forward to our upcoming review for Hatsune Miku Project Diva X!

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  1. I love MitchieM’s works!

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