First Impression: 青い花(Sweet Blue Flowers)

Simple, sweet, delicate and vulnerable. 青い花(Sweet Blue Flowers) is the romance anime that I have been so desperately craving. Not overtly fan-service nor a shameless ecchi, just two girls trying their best to find where they sit in life and how they have to deal with the fact that they have an attraction to the same gender. The anime follows two girls in particular who happened to have been good childhood friends recently reunited in high school and they are, Akira Okudaira & Fumi Manjoume. The two spend a listless school year experiencing the pulls and tugs of life, romance and friendship. It makes for a strong and emotional start that just continue to pull at you from the get go.

More than just yuri fan-service and strong character types: Believe it or not, but I could care less for the yuri anime out there that cater to the heavy fan-service base. What this anime does right off the bat is to pull you into a story about two girls, specifically Fumi Manjoume, who struggle with life’s pulls and harsh realities. Seeing Fumi struggle so much with the fact that her cousin got married is just heart-wrenching. Seeing the pain in her eyes and how heavily it affected her was all too surreal and relatable. The ability for an anime that is a yuri romance at its core to steer away from the usual pitfalls and traps that many other yuri fall for is both refreshing and pleasantly enjoyable.

The anime has such an amazing cast of ladies. From timid and easily prone to tears to the strong and confident. This anime has just about every personality type that we have grown accustomed to in romances and within our own daily lives. We know what types are the types who will help our characters progress and who will be the ones to break their hearts. This is why I love 青い花 (Sweet Blue Flowers) because all of these characters are relatable. We crave and desperately seek out these connection due to the simple fact that we then have someone to fall back too. Being able to connect with a character makes the manga/anime so much more rewarding when the finale comes around to greet you.

Art that is simple yet feels paper thin; just like love: In keeping with the feelings behind the opening of episode one, the anime manages to achieve this simple yet fragile feeling. The art feels paper thin and as if a simple gust could just rip right through its background. While the simplistic nature can be a bit of an eye sore for more graphical enthusiasts, it is a very beautiful artstyle nevertheless. The characters themselves are drawn in a realistic sense, but still manage to hold an anime charm to them. This is a factor about this anime that I love as it is hard to get a realistic sense from a genre that we often associate large eyes and wild hair with. To see girls, men and everything else drawn in such a manner just manages to keep me so much more entertained; as well as interested.

The love story(ies) that we are shown in this anime are sure to be just as frail or at least stronger in the future. It has been a rocky start to the anime as being almost five episodes in and I am already wishing for a stable relationship to appear. Granted this anime has such a small window from which to develop its relations that I fear it may rush some details that I would rather much enjoy seeing drawn out. Watchin Fumi torment with feeling so loneliness and misery is more than I can bear having felt those such emotions as well. I worry that the love shared in this anime will be just as paper thin as the art that represents the fragile nature of a love.

If you are looking into picking up this anime I do highly recommend that you all do! I was in town for a romantic yuri and stumbled upon this beautiful title. I have yet to be disappointed with the pacing or the characters. If you have seen this anime are we in for a wonderful ride or will the feelings continue to escalate? Feel free to leave us a comment down below!


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