First Impression: 未来日記(The Future Diary) is grizzly fun

What does one do when a cosmic entity throws you headlong into a murderous survival game where only ruthless, psychotic love can protect you from everyone who wants your head? You fall in love with that very person and forge a path in bloody victory. It seems simple, but this anime is just anything but. Our lead hero in this story is Yukiteru Amano a boy who lives a shut in life in middle school with only his phones diary keeping track of the mundane, everyday occurrences. When he’s at home he enters into a land guarded only by his imagination where a cosmic deity known as Deus Ex Machina resides. Having grown interested in the machinations of the boy Deus bestows upon him the ability to glimpse into his future via his Mirai Nikki (Future Diary). Only he neglects to tell the boy about the deeper workings of this gift. It is but a game in which 12 entities take part in for the ultimate prize; to become the next Deus Ex Machina in order to stop the approaching apocalypse that will transpire on the 90th day. Having no drive to fight, Yukiteru Amano is initially hesitant to team up with Yuno Gasai his obsessive and psychotic lover.

Her help proves pivotal in avoiding his death at the hands of the 13th diary holder who also is a local serial killer. This unfortunately draws the attention of every other diary holder to converge on Yukiteru after having been declared Deus’s favorite and destined champion. The days to come are hell and they are only going to get deadlier. As much as he would also like to deny it, Yuno Gasai is the only stable thing in his life and it the only source of joy he can feel in a world turned topsy turvy. While you may not think it while looking at Mirai Nikki does have a bit of romance thrown in there; as psychotic as it may seem it is still a romance.

Gritty and unrelenting:  Right off the bat a normal everyday anime goes down the shoot. A boy’s normal high school life is suddenly thrown out of sync when the games let loose. The anime’s pacing is brilliant and even the ‘normal’ aspects of the anime are just as entertaining. The complex inner workings between all characters is something that is just beautifully fascinating and joyful to experience. The anime is not the grittiest that I have seen, but it is very brutal in its methods. From the theme of a battle royal where the last one standing is the victor is tried and used but, it is well worth watching in how Mirai Nikki uses it to play out a curious love story.

Yuno Gasai reigns supreme and the character design is brilliant: While some may find the love crazed Yuno Gasai off putting I find her personality intriguing. Her character design is frankly brilliant and while she is crazy she does happen to have a pleasant loving side, so long as you don’t get in the way of her Yukiteru. As for the rest of the characters every other one is just as brilliant. Yukiteru starts as a frail body whose life is introverted, but due to his exposure to Yuno and the trials of the games has started a change in his character’s personality. He becomes more daring, more inquisitive and more romantically inclined towards Yuno. Even side characters begin to thaw and change in both mental state and motivation.


Romance buried under psychotic tendency: While this anime is that of an all out battle royale for the role of Deus Ex Machina it also shares a romance; it is very unorthodox. I have to say that I am enjoying the romance that is unfolding between the two. The character type is psychotic, but she is caring. What she does for love is also what she does to protect Yuki while she also battles a secret that she has been guarding so closely. This love that she fights for has more behind it than what she lets on at and the secret body that lies in her ‘home’ is all but a more suspicious aspect that confirms a few of my own theories.

The Opening is gorgeous: Lastly for my impression is for the music. The music is just phenomenal as it has the right amount of depth and substance that I crave in an anime. The opening is on a whole other level that I never expected to see in an anime. It’s got such a beautiful rhythm and the lyrics match the tone so perfectly. The opening in question is called 空想めそろぎうぃ by 要請帝国(Kuusou Mesorogiwi by Yousei Teikoku) and it is just beautiful. Here is the official music video from channel Lantis.

If you have yet to watch this anime, as I myself had not seen it, you can watch it in full from Funimation or Hulu. If you have seen this title, did you enjoy it? What were your impression of the romance that is buried under so much psychotic and possibly misinterpreted tendency? Feel free to sound off in the comments down below, on twitter or on our official Facebook page! If you have not checked out our latest giveaway please consider following this link over to that official article!


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3 thoughts on “First Impression: 未来日記(The Future Diary) is grizzly fun

  1. I really enjoyed Future Diary. There are definitely some issues with the story but the characters hit just the right notes of crazy to be entertaining. The romance (actually all of the romances portrayed) are really unhealthy is applied to the real world but are fantastic to watch within the anime and given everything else that is happening are probably the least of the characters’ worries.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. Totally! The romance is quite unhealthy, but from an anime perspective it is an interesting dynamic to watch unfold.


  3. I definitely liked the character relationships. The idealist policeman was a little on the nose, but most of the others had some reason to their madness. I liked the relationship between Yuki & Yuno. Granted Yuki seemed a bit lacking for much of the series, but Yuno was fairly engaging. I thought the mix of vulnerable and incredibly powerful was a nice and very human combination.
    The plot was a bit hit and miss for me. Some of the conflicts with other users seemed novel, but near the end I felt things got a little messy. Still, not a bad series.

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