Why Fan OTP Ships Upset Me

Let’s face it. We have heard or at least seen the term, OTP shipping (One True Pairing). This term is used by fans of a particular character set in which that these two characters are perfect for each other and should therefore be together. Granted many fans treat this with playful humor and don’t really push or become upset by an author’s pairing choice as it is in their right as the creator. There are times however, Take the Ichigo and Orihime pairing as the most recent example of fan’s becoming absolutely salty towards the recent reveal. Granted I have not seen the series, but I know many fans were disappointed about fan favorite Rukia being left in the metaphorical dust by this paring. Some have even gone as far as to burn images of the two pictured together. While this is at the extreme it has actually been done. Granted shipping is just natural for us when it comes to two characters that we really enjoy seeing together. It just gets a bit nagging.

The only couple I ship.
The only couple I ship.

It is fully within a creator’s right to deem to characters a couple and they frankly have full right not to bend the knee for the sake of fan appeasement over artistic freedom. I am a strong believer that if a couple is designed to be together then I will let the creator decide that. They are after all the ones who have breathed life into these characters and they ultimately know who falls for who. When fans of a show come in and begin to heavily ship two characters that maybe talked a few times and had a moment of closeness just for the sake of realization or to move past a wall, is just mind-boggling. Sure they are cute together and often times we create OTP ships for the sake of hoping to have the character we like all to ourselves. It is the feverish pitching that the fans send out that causes me to just lose interest in some characters. It destroys both their image and that of the authors original image.

Yes this is an opinion that is widely in the minority; frankly I am a man who likes to live life dangerously and cause trouble. This is very much a heated topic for many and I am not frowning on fan freedom at creating their own fan-fiction regarding two characters. It is when the fans begin aggressively campaigning to change the author’s original concept for their own fulfillment that bothers and upsets me. I feel as if they lack compassion for what the author made and instead only wish to further their own ideas. Sure what I am talking about is in an extreme situation that may or may not happen; rather it is the situation of fan movement of an OTP ship over the canon couple that upsets me. Granted I am not bothered at all by fan OTP shipping when it comes to characters and series that do not have defined couples. Shows like Love-Live School Idol Project while lacking in men certainly have yuri tones and vibes and therefore leave it open-ended for fans of the series to make up their own couples. Shipping OTP’s can be fun and humorous, but just don’t go rubbing it in everyone’s faces and trying your best to get them as a canon couple.

Maybe this will cause some fellow fans and followers of OGZ to grab their torches and pitchforks, but it is an opinion that I have needed to get out for sometime now. I would very much love to hear the community’s opinion on the matter! Granted we all view life and anime through a different looking-glass so it is a welcomed addition! Just be nice!

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16 thoughts on “Why Fan OTP Ships Upset Me

  1. Perfect timing and I like this discussion. At first, I was more of Ichigo and Rukia being together in Bleach but after seeing the last chapter, I will admit, I was more shocked than disappointed. Am I hating this shipping? No. We have to remember that we are not in charge of doing the pairing, the only one that controls it is the creator themselves. Pairing can be fun but I don’t like the fans to hate each other for this.

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      1. Oh well, the fans can quite stubborn. Get ready to see those fanfiction of their characters being together lol.


  2. I agree with what you said, especially with the way some manga have ended recently. There’s nothing wrong with wishing two characters will get together. But there are some people who take it way too far. It’s the authors choice to put characters together and we should respect that. Good post! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I had finished this actually when the last bleach chapter came out and I had to to some minor edits due to what I was seeing on Twitter as of late.

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  3. Some people def take their OTP way toooo far in my opinion. I def agree with you there! I mean I wanted Rukia and Ichigo to end up together but I’m not burning pictures! Plus come on, I think it’s always pretty obvious who the author is going to go with if you pay attention to the series. It’s never really a surprise. I’ve been with Bleach since the beginning for example and I can tell you that there was a part of me that always knew Ichigo and Orihme would end up together. Anyone who didn’t have a small voice saying that was in serious denial lol.

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  4. I do think some fan/preferred couples are the fault of the author (or staff) for not doing a good job explaining why or how the main couple ended up together. But if you just really loved couple B and ignored all signs of couple A, don’t go on a rampage when couple A ends up together.

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    1. I totally agree with you, Krystallina. Some anime/manga are like that.

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  5. Man, I’m a shipper but I fully know it won’t happen, specially for my BL/GL ships, and I’m fine with that. That’s what AU’s, fanfic and fanart are for, for our own pleasure. The authors don’t have to cater to anyone, and if they disagree with the pairing, might as well put the energy in another series or accept it and move on.
    I guess I don’t understand crazy shippers @_@

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    1. Totally agree! It’s the really crazy ones that drive a group sour…


  6. Awesome discussion! For me, these ships are cool. I love shipping. It’s fun. You get to root for two people who might not get together but totally should. Yes, shipping gets taken too far. But, for me, it isn’t taken far. I ship DaiSuga from HQ for example. I’ll look at fan arts and fan fictions and all. But I won’t jump on whaling any other ship. It’s not morally right. But shipping is something everyone should try. You let lose and put two people together. It’s like matchmaking in real life. But not. But it’s better.
    Honestly, there are troubles with shipping. but it’s not too bad.

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  7. Fan shipping is alright. . .as long as it doesn’t go too far. I guess there are just some people who feel so strongly that they find it difficult to differentiate between what is fiction and what is reality. As for your point about the creator having the full rights to decide which character ends with who, preach it, my friend! As fans, we can grumble all we want but ultimately it’s the creators who created these stories and characters. I’ll probably lose all my respect for a writer who’ll change his/her story just because fans complained and demanded what they want. Anyway, great post as always. Keep it up. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks Arria! 😀 Always a joy to get a response from you!


  8. I never really encountered shipping wars until I got deep into Naruto fanfiction. I’ve come across a lot of salty fans via Canon ships and crack ship. A lot people have too much time on your hands. They suck the fun out of fandoms. it’s crazy how serious people take things.

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