Manga Impressions: Oh My Goddess!

Welcome to a new section in our ever increasing library of articles to write! This latest entry will be solely devoted towards the discussions of brand new manga that we have just picked up! The first manga in our slot is a series that was personally recommended to me. The manga in name is Oh My Goddess! By Kosuke Fujishima. First published in 1988 and having finished its publication run just in 2014 Oh My Goddess! Stands as the longest running manga that has been published here in the U.S. and you all thought Naruto was the long standing one. This manga is a slice of life styled Seinen manga that follows the day to day happens of one college man by the name of Keiichi Morisato and his run in with a lovely goddess by the name of Belldandy. Upon their meeting Keiichi Morisato’s RA see’s that he’s brought a girl into the all men’s dorm and is obligated to evict the poor man. Homeless, the two set out on his motorcycle and side car to find a new place to stay. While an odd introduction, this is the one we are presented with by Oh My Goddess! And it is one that will be a fun start to a heartfelt journey, I’m sure of it!


While I am just only five chapters in I can safely say that I am loving this blast from the past. I love the art-style of the manga and the general theme of the romantic run-in of a simpleton and that of a divine goddess. Our esteem lead finds himself picking up the phone to dial a number and to his amazement, he happens upon a goddess who abides by his wish to stay by his side forever. While not exactly fate there encounters cause humorous circumstances as they progress through their newly found lifestyle. The manga hardly encounters a dry spell. It moves freely and effortlessly through each page without little hangup. While not a tome of words in the traditional sense of a book, this Omnibus encompases the first 23 chapters of the manga giving it a good heft and read time; especially when you take a few chapters out a night. Now the art is just beautiful. The older style, while not attractive to most, remains one of my favorite style of anime to this day. Yes I am colored impressed by many of the newer titles of this year, but this sort of style just screams beauty and quality. I found myself instantly pulled in by it once I picked this omnibus up and began reading it. The careful attention to detail is not lost here. Thank you Kosuke Fujishima.

What this manga also brings is nostalgia; granted I was born in the early 90’s so it’s not quite my life but it is still a memory from a time when we didn’t have such fancy technology or sense of clothing style. This manga isn’t just for fans of the nostalgia factor as it has a story of love between a man and a fanciful lady from the divine lands. So far it is a treat that I am thoroughly enjoying and am personally hoping that I do not tear through this quickly. 

If you are interested in checking this title out you can purchase it from a local Barnes & Noble for 19.99USD like I did! If you do not have one nearby, the website for Barnes & Noble sells it for 17.14USD plus shipping! If you have already purchased the series, am I in for a ride? Will I enjoy it? Feel free to leave a comment down below or on our official facebook page!

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1 thought on “Manga Impressions: Oh My Goddess!

  1. I’ve never read the manga but I’ve been considering watching the anime because it’s on my Netflix. This kind of makes me want to read the manga though!

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