Psycho-Pass is gritty and dystopian

Wanting to watch the latest season and with the upcoming release for PS4 and the PS Vita I figured the time was right to jump on board the train for this anime in particular. I was not disappointed by the gritty first episode that throws us viewers into a world where an artificial intelligence tells us how to live our lives. If we happen to stray past the boundaries set in place by this system we are instantly marked as scum and collected by the police. This system has caused items like stress and perverse feelings to become items that end up ‘infecting’ the local population mental state and could lead to a cascading effect. Psycho-Pass is brutal and dystopian.

Never have I been enjoying an anime more than I have been with this title. It very much reminds me of movies like Dredd or T.V. Shows such as Almost HumanThe anime is just amazingly well written and has such interesting topics concerning morality and mental psychosis. Granted no show or anime gets the details just right, but when they do a good job of it, it all shines through. This is both a compelling story of redemption and that of a psychological thriller. The killers are diverse in their methods and ideology that they stand in superior contrast to any other character type that I have experienced thus far.

Since starting the series a whooping two days ago I have been thoroughly in love with the art direction, theme and overall feeling of the anime. It’s dark style is just brilliant and it helps to standout from the overly colorful anime that tend to be prevalent. It is colorful, but in it’s own bleak way. The future that exists in this anime is just so believable that it adds to the overall enjoyment of the anime. What this anime is also not afraid of is its gore. The highly detailed explosions of organic matter and limb is a point of interest in this anime and it may not be for the light of stomach. That being said it is just another layer on an already delicious cake that makes up the anime. That being said this is just the thing for Studio Production I.G. if you have ever followed this studio, you know that this sort of venture is right up their alley; having already done the successful anime Ghost in The Shell. Granted this isn’t a talk about that former anime so let’s get back into focus!

The actual art style just scream beauty and the dirtiness of the world that Psycho-Pass inhabits is just amazing. I want to just lose myself to this world and live in it it for a good amount of time. Granted the character art reflects the world that they live in all to well. The fake look of happiness, down the the sultry and broken appeal of the citizens deemed a plague to society by Sybil the cities artificial intelligence. The art pains a story that is just as beautiful and dark as the actual spoken dialogue.

Now the music to this anime is just great. It’s so amazingly awesome. The techno beats that trickle in for added effect or to the general composition for the tenser situations, it all adds to the anime. The opening and ending are both points of interest as they are well done and match the tone of the anime exactly. I have yet to explore much more of the anime so my impressions of the actual series remains very minimal considering that the anime has 44 episodes to work through. I am eagerly anticipating watching a few more episodes tonight and in the near future. If you have already picked this one up, how do you all feel about the anime? Love it or hate it? Expecting the upcoming game? Feel free to leave us a comment down below!

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3 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass is gritty and dystopian

  1. I absolutely loved Psycho Pass. It’s great dystopian sci-fi with some really interesting characters. The twists at the end are a little odd but otherwise it’s just a great series.

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    1. It’s been an awesome run so far! I gotta pry myself away from binging the show.

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  2. I’ve heard so much good about this show, you’re all making me curious aaah
    I also like how the KHReborn artist did the designs, you can really tell her style in it, and it’s really lovely! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)


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