You should be playing Eagle Fantasy Golf!

A little while ago I was contacted by Game Developer Aiming Inc. a studio based out of Japan and they encouraged me to check out their latest English release. It was a quaint title called, Eagle Fantasy Golf. Now here is a little secret. I’m not a big fan of mobile games. I view my phone as a place in which I conduct day to day business on and shoot/edit video from. I seldom think about the device as being something capable of mobile gaming. Picking up this title I can safely say that I feel hooked on it. While I am not a big fan of golfing, I do find golfing games to be quite relaxing. This title delivers that relaxing atmosphere with an additional slice of anime style character sprites and 3D models. So what is this game about? Well here is an official description of the title!


Eagle Fantasy Golf is a free to play, casual golf game you can play on the go. The game also adapts RPG and simulation elements with over 600 outfits and equipment you can enhance. You can customize your character and be as unique as you want to be. Join matches instantly with zero waiting times. Clear the courses to acquire new equipment such as golf clubs and outfits and earn gold to upgrade your equipment. Be the Golf Star you’ve always wanted to be!


So our play time was mixed up between single player experiences and online experiences, with a bit of customization dabbled in. While I am hardly a person that enjoys multiplayer I did find this golfing game to be quite fun as playing against the other online players was enjoyable and took little to no time. The matches played out in a fairly quick manner and I never felt that a match took longer than it needed to be, unless the other player was beyond the par for the actual pitch. Single player was as enjoyable as any other golf game experience, just had to get use to having an energy meter. What really shined was the course design and the character outfits. You may seldom hear this from myself, but I thoroughly enjoyed the character customization options. While some options require a pay wall to tackle it is far from as aggressive as other mobile game apps in the market.

The control scheme was quite comfortable and made practical use of the provided mobile screen space. I didn’t find myself cringing over haphazardly placed controls or terrible frame-rate issues. Granted this game has new powerful phones to take advantage of so I am no surprised by the performance. What surprises me most is the polish. Never have a I played a game day one to find no freezing or lagging issues; granted the one case of lag I had was with the online multiplayer. Beyond my terrible internet connection, the game just plays as advertised and it is hard to not appreciate something of that nature.

Any game that gives me an absurd amount of outfit choice or golf club choice is golden in my book! While I do not know if I will plan on getting a review up of this game I do at the very least encourage you to give this game a try! The golfing mechanics are solid and it is one of the better app store experiences that I have had to date! The app is free to download and has an optional Facebook sign-in. You can pick it up on both the Apple App Store or The Google Play Store! Please feel free to also give the Official website a visit! A big thank you to Aiming Inc. for reaching out to us! 

Feel free to engage with us both on Website, Facebook or on our Twitter Page! We always love to interact and chat with our fans!


1 thought on “You should be playing Eagle Fantasy Golf!

  1. I did hear about this game being silly but enjoyable. I have it in my phone but I need to play more of it to unlock more costumes. I never usually play golf but I might have spend time with this game.

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