Upcoming plans for OGZ

*Tl;Dr: I am working on adding a more diverse portfolio to OGZ and am working to improve website flow.*

It has been a while since I did a comprehensive post on what content we are working on for Otaku Gamer Zone. It’s time I remedied that. If you missed our Twitter announcements, we are going to be getting into the habit of live streaming every week. While I do not have a specific day, I do wish to try to keep to either Tuesday-Thursday as I will always tend to receive a day off during that period. We will be switching off between a variety of games although I am leaning towards just throwing up a poll on Twitter in order to let the OGZ community choose what games they wish to see live streamed. I think it will be fair to the viewers and won’t bottleneck me into a single game as it should hopefully allow for diversity. Speaking of which, we should be running a poll prior or at the same time when this article goes live.

Outside of the live streams we do wish to start providing some sort of other video based media. While I cannot directly comment on what, it may be unboxings or early to day one live stream of select titles. I have a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that I am excited and equal parts scared for. It is like watching your child go off into the wild and you start to fret and worry about if they will be able to make it all the way or not. It has so far gone very well. I do plan on doing more with discussion topics in the form of Vlog’s and more Periscope events. The issue that I suffer from is just the general nervousness and the self conscious aspect that I constantly battle with. Granted I have a lot of amazing people that I’ve just met with and am engaging with. They have all been immensely helpful and supportive.

A home away from home. 

As many of you know by now I am officially a blogger for the company Viewster. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise; considering how vocal I was with my support of the sadly failed Omakase program. I love the gents that I have gotten to meet at this company and it is fun being able to turn that friendship into a working job. Granted I feel as if someone else could have been a better choice for the role. I don’t have any sort of college degree nor have I had years of experience. Just a lucky situation is all. With that being said, I am doing my best to produce content that challenges me, that engages with the readers and provides something meaningful. I am essentially taking that parts of OGZ and applying them to my writing there. It’s helping me to grow and it is helping my writing. Expect to see us pushing our most earnest work there and then taking those experiences and applying them to Otaku Gamer Zone.

Beyond the obvious we are working to provide a more varied lineup of interesting topics and articles to choose from. I will also be scheduling time in order to work and improve the flow of the website over all. I want to clean up the menu system and work on getting all of our reviews updated and alphabetized. My fellow part time writer on OGZ has been nagging at me to do so, so I shall. I will also be phasing out the Discussion Point moniker. Just to keep things more free and less constricted by titles that sometimes give a loose value to what is going to be inside. From now on if it’s going to be a discussion topic, it will just have a normal title. Simple as that. I do not see myself as a perfectionist, but I do see myself as someone who wants to challenge themselves to be the best that they can be. I came from a rough family life and I want to create and make something that allows me to feel accomplished. To that end, I will always give you viewers my earnest attempts and more. To that end I will more or less start to explore funding options. I know I cannot make up my mind about funding, from Patreon to PayPal all of them I stop supporting because I begin to feel bad. Guess that means I at least have a conscious. If I do want to do this full time and to make better content I will need that funding. So please stay tuned for information on that.

Well there is all that I have for this update! Granted it was a long winded one and I deeply apologize. I will provide a Tl;Dr up top for those just wanting the nitty-gritty of the whole topic. If you have yet to follow us on Twitter or Facebook please consider doing so! It helps me to connect content and announcements to all of you! Feedback is always key and I will humbly ask you all to speak your opinion and mind down in the comment section below!

Feel free to engage with us both on Website, Facebook or on our Twitter Page! We always love to interact and chat with our fans!


1 thought on “Upcoming plans for OGZ

  1. So far, I’m liking your livestream videos. I like seeing you play again, it gives me an idea on what I should buy for the PS4. It would be nice to see some vlogs from you but I can see why you might get nervous. I am easily camera shy and I really don’t like voice as it being recorded on my phone. Anyway, I will be looking forward to your projects. I will also make it a habit on checking out your posts Viewster.

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