Revisiting Kill la Kill: In Progress

When we first started as a site, the very first anime I had ever talked about with Kill la Kill by Studio Trigger. It was and still is, an anime that I adore. From the jagged, exaggerated and gorgeous art to the amazing soundtrack that accompanied the anime. Every little in-between of this anime was a point of inspiration and joy for myself. I did just recently post on Viewster’s Blog if I thought that Kill la Kill was still a relevant anime to watch or even discuss at this point and time. Frankly it is still an anime that I feel strongly about and see very much as an anime that is current, even by today’s animation and storytelling standards. The theme that one can walk away with is bountiful. It can be a theme about pushing yourself to be the best you can be, no matter how self conscious you are about your body or say having the ability to overcome the greatest of obstacles through the power of one’s own self. The anime is just not about girls fighting half naked or ridiculous chest physics. It’s about the story of one girl, trying her hardest to avenge a father and to find the courage in herself to overcome the toughest of obstacles. This is what I have personally walked away with.

The anime itself is just beautiful. It’s greatly exaggerated animations, character movements and expressions are all loving aspects of a larger whole. Being fully honest, I didn’t enjoy this anime. I was into episode two and I felt like this anime was just shameless fanservice with a crummy first opening. Then something happened. I watched until episode three and then four. It continued one for me as I began to see past the first visible layer and well into the story and substance. I grew fond of the artstyle, the music and the character design. Characters like Nonon Jakuzure grew to be personal favorites as their characters had such interesting motives and personalities. I fell in love with songs like Blumenkranz whose beat was so unearthly and the lyrics so powerful in their story of showing a person pushing past walls and becoming more powerful/empowered. Kill la Kill has so much more going for it.

Being the first anime that the duo Hiroyuki Imaishi and Kazuki Nakashima had done in a long while, Kill la Kill was a resounding success and return to form for the two. It helped to pull Studio Trigger on to the anime stage as a studio to be reckoned with. The two individuals have such a way with storytelling and encouragement that I find it hard not to become ensnared by the trap they have laid out. It’s part of the reason why I am currently rewatching the series. I wanted to have a better understanding of the show, after having gained the experience I have over the course of running this website. While I do not have a definitive answer as of right now, I can say at the very least that my initial impressions have remained the same. That is not without saying that I am not tackling this anime by watching it from a different angle or perspective. It is hard for me to try and deconstruct something that I love entirely in hopes of finding something to discredit my validity for pushing this series. Revisiting this anime isn’t so much as trying to prove a point to myself or to give my first article a shot. It’s to look at Kill la Kill in an entirely new light in order to re-experience a love that I had for this series when I finally gave it a shot back in 2013.


Granted by now most of you have either seen the series, be it the original simulcast, dub on Toonami or on Viewster; so give us your thoughts. Is this a series that you would look into revisiting or was the first visit more than enough? Feel free to sound off down below or on our facebook page!

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3 thoughts on “Revisiting Kill la Kill: In Progress

  1. I wouldn’t mind revisiting again. I enjoyed this anime. I like the music and action of it. I am still waiting for a video game of this. This anime could be the best hack and slash game.

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  2. I haven’t seen it yet (⌒_⌒;)
    I do want to, I’ve only watched one episode if I remember right, but haven’t been watching any anime at all (^_^;)


    1. Life has different ways of working for others. It’s all good. When you do get back into the groove, I do recommend this one highly.


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