New Game is Beautiful!

Who thought an anime that was moe, talked about game development and features Yuri-Undertones, could be so good?! Well New Game! Meets all of those and more. The color pallet and animation are beyond amazing and are oozing with beauty. While the overly cutesy scenes may be too much for the average viewer, it is definitely a welcome addition to the lineup of anime that we are currently watching. The story aspect is not what draws me in and the music has little to no affect on me when I watch this. What hits me and pulls my attention is just the art. It is literally so eye catching that you cannot bear to tear yourself away from it.

The characters are drawn and brought to life in such a way that it just screams quality. I cannot stop feeling excited for every episode to roll around so I can become drowned in the colors and the design again. I have such a love for this studio’s art style that it is hard to not remember their previous work! You have Yuruyuri and Himouto Umaru-Chan! Two others titles that were animated and done in such an amazing manner that it is hard not to look at Doga Kobo Studio. Their quality of work is superb and they are quickly becoming a studio in which I am aggressively trying to follow. Their work is just so beautiful that I would personally try see about petitioning them to be submitted to a larger art museum. They are that stunning. Even the close up details do not suffer from dips in quality. The amount of care that was put into making sure this anime shined is amazing and I wish that other studios would look into doing the same amount of effort. 

Granted the backgrounds are vivid, but the character design is what stands out the most in this category. They characters, especially Aoba Suzukaze and Hifumi Takimoto are among my favorite in design and shape. The chosen color pallets for each character is both mesmerizing and delightful to the eye; it even helps that they are cuties! This is all attributed to character design and coloring that is used in a specific way to keep the viewer hooked and interested in the show. Not saying that the anime has an issue with attached viewers, rather it has an amazingly brilliant method of making sure that these viewers are set firmly in place by its terrific art. While I have yet to see any of the keyframes I am feverishly awaiting to see if companies like, Good Smile Co. will eventually get these proofs for sale as I would grab them up in a heartbeat. This series is so pleasing to the eye that it is making me want to revisit my former love, Kyosougiga. Both drip with color and while the art is of a different quality they all have in common the beauty aspect.

It feels almost hard to say that good animation and art is hard to come by, but with each passing season I become increasingly wowed by the caliber of art coming out from these new series. If you have yet to jump on board the train for the anime New Game! You can do so at any time as the series is still in it’s running simulcast release. If you are watching a series like New Game!  Do you just fall in love with the artstyle as well? Feel free to sound off in the comment section down below! IF you haven’t please consider visiting our official facebook page! We provide a link to all of our services down below!

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