Our Latest iTunes Japan Purchases!

A while back we ran a Twitter poll asking you all what you thought about us making a post series that goes over our latest purchases from the iTunes Japan Store. To my surprise it got quite the majority in the yes category and as such we will start today off with the very first post in that line up! These posts may vary in length, depending solely on the fact of how fanboying I am over the said song(s). The shown songs are LEGALLY purchased with Japanese Yen and have not been sourced via illegal downloads. No matter how stingy you may be or no matter how big of a philosophy you may have, just note that these wonderful artists don’t do this all for free. As such, I take a stance of always having to purchase what songs I want. I can listen to them by watching my favorite anime, but most of the time I want to listen to it always. It then ends up with a space in my digital library and in rare occasions as a physical copy. The following songs each costed around 250 Yen each!


The first song is from my favorite group, GARNiDELiA and the song is titled simply as, Lamb. Granted this exact song is also available for purchase on the US iTunes Store, I stumbled across it first on the Japanese one and figured it was worth the purchase. If you ever wanted a banging club beat, this is the song for you!


The next song is from the second opening of the hit anime, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable and is titled, Chase by batta. The song is reminiscent of an opening you would find in a Shonen Jump title like Bleach or One Piece. The last place I expected to find a song of this caliber was in this anime. It still fits! Granted Jojo has always featured some awesome song selection and this new song is no slacker.


This next song, Sakura by foufolium is a featured song for the opening of the anime New Game! The song is both peppy and matches the tone of the anime excellently! I love just how free and moe this song feels. Nothing about this song bothers me and it is an excellent one to play; especially when you are facing a rather rough day.


The next song is from my latest obsession, The Wind Rises. The song is titled Hikouki-Gumo by Yumi Arai. The song matches the theme of the anime with such brilliance and feeling that I cannot help but feel moved by this piece. It’s comforting and perfect for those drives in the dark after a long day. It’s soft melody just carries me to my destination and helps me to relax.


The last song that I have purchased is an opening title for the anime Gintama and that song is Know Know Know by DOES. It’s tempo is rocking and the song is excellent. I cannot say any more than that. It fits the mood of the latest Gintama arc so well that I find it hard to not picture this song in any other anime but this one. The chorus is so addicting to follow and sing along with, while my Japanese may suffer, it’s worth it.

Now if you happen to have a Japanese iTunes account and yet you lack funds, might I direct you to Play-Asia? This website is the site I have used for all of my iTunes Japan card purchases and they also happen to sell import titles for PS4, PS Vita, 3DS and Xbox-One. By using the provided link, you actually help out Otaku Gamer Zone! We get a small amount of funds each time you make a purchase using our link. So, check it out! I hope everyone enjoys this! It’s different for myself and I hope it works as is! If you have any purchases or songs you would like to see us pick up please feel free to leave us a comment down below, on our Facebook page or on our Twitter page! I’m always looking for new songs to expand my collection!

Affiliate link for Play-Asia!

Feel free to engage with us both on Website, Facebook or on our Twitter Page! We always love to interact and chat with our fans!


3 thoughts on “Our Latest iTunes Japan Purchases!

  1. I remember you said you had a Japanese iTunes account. I should consider making a new accont for collecting anime songs. The US version has few. I want to hear that JoJo part 4 opening again. Darn YouTube copyrights! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed! It is difficult if you do not know someone that can help you out. With that being said, the US iTunes Store has been slowly improving with it’s licensing for international songs.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I noticed they are really slacking off. Still, at least they have some. I don’t really know how to do it but my alternative is just buying the actual CD.

        Liked by 1 person

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