OGZ’s Top four Anime Couples

Summer loves are often the most memorable or possibly the most short lived ones. In anime, these sort of relations seem to last forever and seem to constantly continue without fault. In honor of those character relations, we are going to be bringing you Otaku Gamer Zone’s Top Four anime couples! These couples may be couples in the romantic sense and others will be pairings that start out as simply friends and don’t progress further than that; yet there is still the sense of romance that lingers around them.


To start this section off, I got to give the number one spotlight to Jiro Horishiki and Naoko Satomi from the animated film, The Wind Rises. If you haven’t plugged in the mathematics yet, you will understand that I am madly in love with these two and the utterly tragic romance that they share. It is both a beautiful flower and one that suffers from a tragically short lived life. Granted the depiction of the actual people that this animated film is based on it pure fiction, as the real life couple lived on happily. The couple in The Wind Rises is there for the emotional impact. Regardless of the fictional circumstances, the relationship between these two is something of an aspiration for myself. The pure love and dedication to live together as one for what small time that they have is both admirable and makes the inner hopeless romantic in me all mushy.


The second couple to grace this list are the characters from One Week Friends Yūki Hase & Kaori Fujimiya. The two share a bittersweet friendship turned slightly romantic. While the two never quite admit openly to a relationship, there is such a deeply seated romance between the two that I often find myself awe-ing over any picture of the two that I can come across. With Kaori Fujimiya suffering from a weekly case of memory loss, it presents a very bittersweet situation. This still however is a couple that is cute together, but at the same time it shares a tragic relation. The plus is that with persistence we do see the two becoming more familiar with one another.


The third couple on our list is from the anime Gurren Lagann and the two in question are of course, Kamina & Yoko Littner. The two share such a brief yet beautiful romance with one another and upon seeing his demise, I cannot help but cry for Yoko; granted I am sure just about everyone cried when Kamina died. Granted this list may be composed of the more tragic and brief relations, but this one needed to be in here because this was one of the first anime couples I really enjoyed (not counting Chobits)! The dynamic between the two is very rushed, but at the same time is still has the volume and merit of many of the other relations that we see in anime. Maybe they got to spend more time with one another in an alternate time?


The fourth couple on this list are from the anime Toradora. If you can take a guess as to the couple then you are wise! Ryuuji & Taiga remain to this day, our favorite couple here at Otaku Gamer Zone. The brutal emotional ride that we get to be apart of is one of joy and anguish, all wrapped up in a blanket. Seeing the changing dynamic from just friends to two individuals that realize they are feverishly in love with one another. It cannot get more emotional than the scene where Ryuuji comes to see Taiga in the mascot uniform. ALL THE FEELS IN ONE SCENE! The musical composition that accompanies their most touching moments is enough to help pull us into their dynamic even more so.

So there you go! Our top four anime couples! They all share some sort of tragic aspect to their love lives and maybe that also has to do with us? Who knows! All we know is that we love these couples to pieces! If you have a favorite pairing, let us know down in the comment section below! You can also share your likes on our Twitter or Facebook pages! Also, as a heads up, we will be a bit late this weekend on getting articles prepared due to our day job having a several day long sales event and as such, we will be very busy! Thank you ahead of time for the understanding!

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  1. Another great list! That Gurren Lagann one is good but I already what happens in that episode. ;_;

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