OGZ will be live streaming weekly!

So I have been a busy body as of late and I have been looking into exploring ways to help increase our gaming exposure. I love DOOM, but that game is only enjoyable in quick burst. I wanted a title that was fun and had a lot of depth so it would be more enjoyable to play and engage with. That choice has been made! Starting next week, I will be live streaming gameplay of Fallout 4’s Survival mode with you all! I already have a character lined up and I hope that it will be an enjoyable play through! The actual schedule will vary from week to week as it will depend on my free time, but you can expect to see a stream every week.

I will be going through and interacting with all DLC released thus far for Fallout 4 and plan on adding the last DLC, Nuka World, when it releases this August 2016. How far will this go? Who knows, I want to provide an extra bit of content for the gamers that follow our site! Granted it isn’t anime themed and so it may not match the style of what we push, but Fallout is such a recognized and fun series that it would be hard not to want to play it! For those of you that enjoy the more anime centered games, I am contemplating a Let’s Play stream of, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered as well; plus Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

While the exact details are a bit blurry I do want to dive more into the gaming section of our actual website by featuring more gameplay and more articles that are tied to them! Granted, I may also look into getting some of our volunteer writers in on covering some aspects of gaming, but that remains to be seen for now! I really look forward to doing a steady live stream for a game that I love unconditionally. I am also hoping that during the course of this live stream, we may also get to see the implementation of mods on the PlayStation 4 version of Fallout 4. We will be streaming directly to our official YouTube channel and the videos will remain there for further enjoyment past the actual stream!

Feel free to engage with us both on Website, Facebook or on our Twitter Page! We always love to interact and chat with our fans!


4 thoughts on “OGZ will be live streaming weekly!

  1. Yay! Way to go, Kausus!

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  2. This is some exciting news. It’s been a while since you did a live stream on video games. I really enjoyed watching you play Doom and Overwatch.

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  3. Neat, I will also watch when I have time.

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