OGZ’s Top Three Anime For Mature Viewers!

Get on your favorite pair of shades cause these Top three anime for mature viewers may be too blinding to handle. As a cautionary note for a below 18+ Viewer: Most of the anime featured may include extreme fan-service or ecchi in nature, as well as overly violent which counts anime like Another. None will feature full nudity but get pretty close to it. It is your job to be responsible about what you are allowed and not allowed to engage with! You have been warned!

Now I generally do not like talking about more mature anime titles, but I figured I would talk about a few that I have watched and most of them, while wildly flashy, are very funny and well made anime series; they just carry a notion for being a bit too flashy. Fret not, for I shall list them in an orderly fashion so you can get a feel for what the anime is about and whether or not you will enjoy it. It is essentially like any other top five, just for refined viewers! So let’s get this party bus moving!


Our first anime is called simply, Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist. This anime takes the cake and while they do a fine job of riding that invisible line of over the top and raunchy, the anime still has it’s moments; all of which are baked into love cookies. The humor is very sexualized and as such it won’t be an anime that you watch with the family or at work; which if you are watching anime at work, what is your job so I can sign up! While we did enjoy this anime it is quite the peculiar one and should only be enjoyed with individuals who won’t be off put by the humor or the over the top antics! The story essentially plunges us viewers into a world where all things sexual in both reference and the physical sense have been filtered and censored. This measure has gone so far as to have the populace shackled with wrist bracelets and neck garbs that monitor action and can detect when a lewd gesture is made.  


Our second anime title is the popular and extremely fan-service based anime, Monster Musume. Set in the usual fashion of a harem style, this anime adaptation of the manga of the same name is quite flashy; to the extent of the aforementioned Shimoneta, but still flashy. The story of this anime revolves around the character Kimihito Kurusu attempting to live a normal life, while also housing monster girls who happen to fall madly in love with him in hopes of becoming his wife! Each monster girl is introduced in their own unique way and all of them become at odds with one another over their, ‘honey’ and they often cause the poor man physical harm which happens to leave him in a broken state.


The third anime to grace this list is the anime Corpse Party. Based off the horror favorite of the same name on PSP, Corpse Party follows several students as they become trapped in a haunted and alternate dimension of an older elementary school. This anime is brutal. I mean, to the point of being worse off than the horror anime Another, in some respects. While I do not fancy horror, I was interested after having played the PSP original. It is well done, but definitely not an anime you want to show younger kids or those who cannot stomach gore. The story is utterly amazing and yet it still is hard to watch. Tread lightly with this one if you are easily scared and have a weaker stomach.  

Shorter than a normal top five, but a list I’ve wanted to do none-the-less. Granted Monster Musume is not as bad as some out there… talking about you High School DxD, but these still are ones that only mature fans can enjoy or appreciate the thematic values behind them, if any. IF you have any anime that you would put on a list for mature viewers only, what would those titles be? Feel free to comment down below or leave us a comment on our official Facebook page! We also can be reached via our official Twitter page!

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3 thoughts on “OGZ’s Top Three Anime For Mature Viewers!

  1. Corpse Party <3333
    Definitely play the games, they're worth it and not too scary. They're more suspenseful, and don't have jump scares. I really dislike true horror because I get scared, so I love the psychological type like Higurashi and Corpse Party *_*

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  2. Nice choice on anime. I actually heard that Monster Musume was actually pretty good series. The other anime Shimonte looks pretty funny. I seen some clips and I couldn’t stop grinning. XD

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  3. I have mixed feelings about Corpse Party. I think the suspense and atmosphere are strong, and I really liked how chaotic the deaths felt. There really is no way in that world to protect yourself, and that lack of control is crucial to good horror. The gore sometimes felt a little excessive/played out, but what really struck me was how rushed the series felt. Granted it’s only 4 episodes, but after episode 1 I get the sense that the anime is skipping over a lot of plot points, and episode 4 felt rather hurried. I thought it was very interesting how the characters dealt with their fear in different ways; from those who lash out, or cling to a close friend, to the one character who pretty much tried to desensitize himself to the violence around him.
    I would definitely recommend Higurashi to anyone who liked Corpse Party. In many ways I think Higurashi has the suspenseful waiting that Corpse Party needed.

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