Let’s Talk Music: My love of Anime openings and the bands behind them!

For those of you that have followed us since the beginning you know that music is a big part of how we look at anime. Frankly, it is a big part of how we look at everything that we engage with. Music is so fundamentally ingrained into my being that I often find it hard to watch or play anything without trying to focus on the score itself. This is where my loving obsession for anime openings comes into factor. You see, I judge an anime not by its content, not by whether or not is is fan-service. I generally judge an anime by how it sounds. If the beat is not right or the dialogue is atrocious, then I wind up losing interest.


So today we are going to be talking about some of my favorite anime openings and why I am absolutely enamored by them. To start us off I will be talking about a group that has had me hooked since 2014. The band, Garnidelia, is an outstanding band whose focus has been on providing catchy tunes for anime openings or endings. With the outstanding success with the anime Kill la Kill second opening, the band has become widely popular and a personal go to for when I am wanting an up beat song or tempo.  Ambiguous by Garnidelia is the first song I have heard by them and happens to remain one of my favorite openings to date. Some other songs that I would personally recommend are Lamb and Burning Soul. Sadly, Burning Soul may only be purchased on the Japanese iTunes Store. The other two mentioned songs are fully available on the US iTunes Store.


One of the latest Durarara!! Openings, Steppin Out by Flow is another song that gets me to crank up my car stereo system and blast it. The tempo is quick and energetic and I cannot help but contain my excitement when ever I get to hearing this song. It is both stunning and frankly one of my favorite DRRR!! Openings to date; granted the first two in the series were phenomenal as well. This song is actually available on the US iTunes store too; which is something I would have enjoyed knowing as I purchased it via the Japanese iTunes store… In either event, you are grabbing one awesome song and while you are at it, check out some of Flow’s other pieces!


The third band that I wish to briefly geek out on is one that has been around for a while and that band’s name is, Asian Kung-Fu Generation and the song in question by them is Re:Re:. This song was originally released in 2004 and it recently got to see a remaster this year thanks to the smash hit anime that was, Boku dake ga inai machi (ERASED). This song is utterly beautiful and I have a hard time not wanting to put this one song on constant loop. This love affair with this band started however with the anime series, Naruto and their opening song, Far and Beyond. It was what got me into anime openings in the first place. I remember eagerly wanting to watch the first season of Naruto just so I could hear this one opening. It was phenomenal and it is what really got me into wanting to listen to Japanese rock/pop. Most of Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s song’s can be purchased on the US iTunes Store.

While a shorter Let’s Talk Music I did want to specifically highlight the three biggest motivators and bands that I have been following thanks in part to my love for anime. Now, they are pretty popular bands and I have only just scratched the surface with Japanese Rock/Pop groups. I do plan on exploring this genre further. Do you have any bands that you follow outside of the anime you found them in? Do you just listen to opening songs? Feel free to leave us  a comment down below!

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1 thought on “Let’s Talk Music: My love of Anime openings and the bands behind them!

  1. Love, love, love J-rock/J-pop! I also enjoy Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Basically everyone who has written for FMA is amazing–YUI, SCANDAL, SID, Porno Graffiti, Chemistry, Lil’B, NICO Touches the Walls, etc. Rie Fu is also incredible (did the first ending for Bleach, and does lots of songs in English as well as Japanese). Suga Shikao is fun if you’re looking for a bit more funky style (Tegami Bachi). T. M. Revolution is nice in a more visual kei sort of style. AAA and Yuya Matsushita are a bit more pop/hip-hop. Ooh, and Kobayashi Yuu is absolutely fantastic (Maria Holic/band Crush Tears). And wow, I’m just realizing how many of the artists I listen to write largely for shounen shows. . . . But they’re awesome artists and so much fun to listen to. 😀

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