First Impression: And you thought there is never a girl online?

Gaming and real-life social interactions become one in this harem style anime that is streaming on Funimation. This anime follows the story of our main lead,Hideki Nishimura ,as he attempts to go through his high school life trying to find love, while also balancing his love life through an online MMORPG. During his time spent with the MMORPG he eventually succumbed to the wishes and wants of a fellow guild member, Ako Tamaki, by agreeing to marry her.

Thus begins a daily routine of the two being joined at the hip and Ako sharing a very loving obsession over her in-game husband. Both party with their two mutual friends and guild mates, Akane Segawa & Kyō Goshōin, and one lone night after a rowdy quest, the group begins to mull over the fact that often, many players are not the genders that they play as. They even go as far as to talk about how most girl players are always males, to which Ako announces that she is actually a real female and thus commits an internet taboo (This taboo is actually a real thing). To settle the doubts, the guild leader, Kyō Goshōin, decides it would be best to host an offline meeting! Least to say at the meet, Hideki, is shocked to see his two in-game male friends are actually girls and that the person he married is actually a cute girl! Talk about doki doki.

Now this anime is going to be one that will be heavy on the service for a certain, male-demographic. This shouldn’t deter one from actually picking this anime up, however it will be a deciding factor if that person does. What I love best is how much this anime reminds me of the funny anime, Konosuba. Both have a similar harem premises, but Konosuba deals with it in a world based on an MMORPG; this anime just does it actually online while the romance travels between the game and real life. I think that this is what I enjoy about the actual anime itself. It is so much fun to just watch a silly anime from time to time and to be frank, the fan-service is not bad at all; typical but not bad. The actual premises of the story seems like it may develop into a lovey type of anime, yet I can tell we will have pretty strong harem undertones with possible jealous moments between girls. That being said, most of my assumptions are only on the first episode and as such I will have to give the series a bit more time.

The art is phenomenal, my initial write up for this first impression was rather off putting and I decided to wait until I had watched the second episode to get a better feel for the art. I am so glad I waited cause, I love this anime’s character art to pieces. Everyone one of them stands out in a beautiful way and Ako is just the waifu of everyone’s dreams! The background art is still phenomenal but I’m not overly wowed by it all, they nature and scenic backdrops do lend themselves well to highlighting the characters. The voice work is a redeeming quality and I have to say that the Japanese voices are excellent, especially Ako’s voice actress. Her timid and shy nature is just pure enjoyment and I cannot help but feel envious of Hideki. Darn you, you lucky 2D man! Jokes aside, the voice work is very well done and it gives a great quality to all of the characters in the anime.

Sadly the music in this anime is not there. I enjoyed the opening, just was not entirely wowed by it. Granted I can also only chat about music so many times before I begin to drive everyone mad with talk about melodious tunes. Which is why you should check out our Let’s Talk Music if you prefer musical analysis and recommendations. I will have to give the opening another shot or two to see if it will be an opening I watch every time or an opening that I skip. Now should this be an anime that you grab this season? It is entirely up to you. The series did finish it’s simulcast run and is watchable in full, having only just ended on June 23rd of this year. I know I am curious to see how this anime pans out and whether or not I will add it to my list of enjoyed harem-style shows. I do very much enjoy the voice work and the visual design of all the characters themselves, but the rest of the art feels generic. This could be a stylistic choice or maybe I am just looking into this too much. In either event I am loving the witty humor that permeates the anime and the nods to online culture.

If you have seen this anime title, feel free to let us know down below how you enjoyed it; bear in mind to avoid spoilers for those who have yet to watch it. IF you have not seen it, but are looking to pick it up still feel free to comment down below!

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