OGZ: A year and a half of writing about anime

It’s going to be a year and half coming up this September. A year and a half doing something which I never thought possible this time last year. It feels almost like a storybook or a dream. I’ve made awesome friends, surreal connections and I have begun writing for an amazing company called Viewster. Looking back now, all I knew is that I wanted to pour my passion for anime and gaming into a website or blog. I wanted to experience the endless joy and fun that I saw so many others having and I did; for the most part that is. I still have a massive learning curve and many more experience to grab onto before I can fully say I write for/about anime.

I have not had nothing but pleasantness, I’ve gone through many bouts of inactivity and just overall lack of motivation. To be frank, I thought several times about whether or not this was the right path for me to take and if I was even doing an admirable job with it. To be fair, I’ve also had an insurmountable amount of help from you all; as well as help from my friends and a fellow blogger. It helps having awesome folks to engage and chat with; it’s really what makes or breaks a website. No matter how I look at things though, it is a blast. The good comments, down to the rotten ones. Everyone that I engage with help me immensely and is just an absolute blast. Nothing beats encouragement like a comment that just tears into you. It gives you times to look at what you had written and then time to just step back and make the necessary changes.

This post isn’t a thank you nor is it anything else. For me, it’s a reflection of sorts. A point at which I can stand and look back on what ground I have broken. I enjoy what I have already laid out and what I have accomplished. I got to go to a convention as a member of the press, I got to be an ambassador for a program that I loved dearly and I am getting to write for a company that I really have enjoyed engaging with. I could never have dreamed that after high school I would be following a passion I loved so deeply into a possible career. That’s why I hope when I look back at my blog this time next year, I’ll be in a much better place than I formerly was. Thank you all for humoring me by reading this article. It means a great deal and I look forward to our further engagements.

Feel free to engage with us both on otakugamerzone.com or on our Twitter Page! We always love to interact and chat with our fans!


10 thoughts on “OGZ: A year and a half of writing about anime

  1. You’re doing what you love and having fun with it, so that’s great and I hope it continues like that (⌒▽⌒)
    Next year you’ll look back and see how much growth you did, which is always fun (and agonising/embarrassing) to do (^v^)

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    1. Hank you so much! I do look forward to the future!


  2. Yeah I can’t believe we are near September and by then we will be at the end of 2016. A lot has happened and life is mystery. I hope you continue doing more posts and enjoying your hobbies. We like what you do. 🙂

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  3. Amazing 🙂 congrats man, hopefully soon i will join the anime reviewer community

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  4. Awesome job, Kausus! Keep it up. You’re doing awesome. Take care. Cheers!


  5. Yay! Congrats on a year and half 🙂 I think it all becomes worth it when you’re able to do something you enjoy.


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