Viz Media partners with Rooster Teeth!

Just recently announced, Viz Media, one of the largest publishers of Japanese Manga in the United States, just announced a partnership with the awesomely talented individuals over at Rooster Teeth! With this partnership comes the announcement of an expanding front in the critically acclaimed, western anime RWBY. This anime has the honors of being the first Western-produced anime to be distributed in Japan. Now, with Viz Media in the house, this phenomenal anime will get a brand new lease on life through the addition of further manga/graphic no releases that will tell new stories, expand on old ones and provided a deeper look into what makes up the RWBY universe. Below is an official excerpt from the actual press release…

“Through the new RWBY titles, readers will discover more about the RWBY universe and delve deeper into the characters and storylines they love, as well as go on all new adventures,” said Rooster Teeth Head of Animation Gray G. Haddock. “We are thrilled to be working with VIZ Media to bring such beautiful books to RWBY’s audience.”   

As a relatively new fan to the RWBY phenomenon, I am both elated and excited to see this new partnership blossom! The planned release period for the new content is aiming to take place sometime in 2017. I can only hope for an early release time-table! If there are any RWBY fans in the house, let us know how you feel about this announcement by leaving us a comment below or engaging with us on our official Twitter page! If you want more things anime related, please check out Viz Media’s official Twitter page and website! For those who have yet to glean into what RWBY is about then I hope that this excerpt can be of some help…

The award-winning RWBY is the first western anime series to be distributed in Japan, and tells the story of four different girls brought together for one legendary purpose! Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang are students at Beacon Academy, an ancient school designed to train the monster slayers known as Hunters and Huntresses. Unfortunately, monsters aren’t the only threat in the world of Remnant, and if these girls want to graduate, they’ll have to learn to work together – both on the battlefield and in the classroom!

As always we appreciate your continued support for Otaku Gamer Zone, even though we are supposed to be on vacation this week… See you all next week with brand new content!

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2 thoughts on “Viz Media partners with Rooster Teeth!

  1. This is awesome. Two of my favorite things together. I can’t wait to see what will Viz do with RWBY.

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  2. YES! YES! YES! I heard that they are going to change RWBY’s animation style too. So that it looks more anime-ish.

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