Thoughts on Summer 2016 Anime

With the summer titles in swing I figured I would take some time to comment on the few that I am watching and see how I still feel about them. Love Live Sunshine! Will not be apart of this due to the fact that I have yet to get around to actually watching the new season. I plan on remedying that soon but no promises.


First off I have to say, Sweetness and Lightning will undoubtedly be in the running for the best anime of year. Mainly because of how much of a relation to this anime that I have and how in love with the story and characters I am. The last anime to reach me on this level of depth was CLAMP’s Chobits. If you haven’t read our very impressed, first impression on this anime, please do. If you have, then excellent! This anime just hits every note and it does so with heart and soul. While the anime is nothing new or trail blazing, it is humbling to see an anime about a father and daughter, in which the father is striving to raise his daughter right and to provide her the best meals that he possibly can. Definitely a must pick for this summer and should be on everyone’s watch list at this point and time.


Mob Psycho 100 is the current love obsession in the wacky and new department. I love how much of a rough style this anime has in terms of it art and how daring it is to run with this sort of form. Take a look at most of the anime these days and you will find yourself looking at highly polished works of art; not the case for Mob Psycho 100. The story is interesting so far and while I am still waiting for more episodes to filter in more detail about the world of the anime, I am very thrilled to say that I love the episodes that they have released so far. Just this odd slice of life that follows a kid nicknamed, Mob, is just excellent and the music is phenomenal! It is really hard for me to say other wise. Granted I never watched One Punch Man and while I get some of the gestures to that original anime, I feel a bit left out on references but that is minute. While Mob Psycho 100 is definitely for some, but not for all. I can safely say that if you pick this one up, you won’t be disappointed by the humor, art or the music.


New Game is the latest title that we have picked up and it is the one that we are actually enjoying quite a bit! Having a weakness in the knees for anything remotely moe/slice of life, New Game represents that all in one nicely bundled package. The character and art design of the anime just gush beauty and there are many fan-favorites sitting in this anime. The story follows a usual, “Girl graduates and wants to work with her favorite game/manga/anime and ends up learning many life lessons along the way” formula. I have nothing against this nor any grudges; Maybe would have preferred a better story base. I do love the fact that many animation studios are getting behind the genre that helps to portray the work life of a studio of sorts. I feel like this is a genre that will continue to get popular as more studios look into portraying the working life of designers and directors. On top of all that is my love for the art style and the simple but effective music. It is cutesy and it is fun so, why not check it out?

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable - 01 - Large 15

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable is a carryover from last season and it still rocking our Friday’s. I watched the original season and part way into the Joseph story line and sadly stopped. It wasn’t until this latest season that I got pulled into the Jojo-verse. Let me tell you, that this season is by far one of the best that I have watched and it is the more slice of life-ish that you will get form Jojo. Of course the over-the-top characters are a staple of the series, the new season expands upon that and brings all new characters and rodents. With this new arc we get to find out a bit more about stands and how or why they are made through the use of an ancient bow. Least to say, fans of the manga should be pleased with the latest installment. I personally love the new art direction and characters over the older characters in the entry.

With many more anime on our radar, these were the ones we felt worth mentioning. I did want to put Amanchu on this thoughts post however, I am still deciding on where that sits for me. I am enjoying it just at times I feel it is very cookie cutter-ish when it comes to the actual series. Not to mention I am desperately wanting to watch Love Live Sunshine! Already and get my fix sated. Are you all watching any of these anime? If so, feel free to let us know what you think about them in the comments below or leave us a thought about what you expect from them further into the season.

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