First Impression: New Game

Cute, enchanting with its visuals and just simply and all around fun time. These are the words I would use to describe the new anime, New Game, which began it’s streaming run on Crunchyroll just three weeks back. While it has taken myself a while to get to this first impression (computer woes aside) I am thoroughly enjoying this anime. It is simply about a young high school graduate Aoba Suzukaze and her experience in working for a video game company that happened to produce her favorite game. Along the way she meets the other programmers and heads of the company(Kō Yagami, Rin Tōyama, Hifumi Takimoto, Yun Iijima, Hajime Shinoda, Umiko Ahagon, Nene Sakura, Shizuku Hazuki). Together they enter into the third installment of the game that got Aoba Suzukaze into game design in the first place.

They experience the dreads of game design and the joys of having supportive colleagues in a field that is often brutal at times to work in. The company Eagle Jump is a company that is ran entirely by women, which is a very welcome change yet sadly a predictable one when it comes to anime. It’s however very refreshing to get a woman’s input on the game making process, especially when the supervisor tends to sleep in the office overnight in a shirt and pantsu. Oh, wait. That’s still stereotypical of a moe anime. Regardless, Aoba Suzukaze has a dream and this anime will follow her through the trials and tribulations that she confronts and overcomes; which in turn helps to develop her character even more than before. While the anime dances on a few already tried and tested staples, New Game flaunts its style and charm effortlessly into our laps and just expects us to continue watching it until we cannot stop ourselves. Which I will gladly say I am doing of my own volition. I think.

What I love about this anime is just how colorful the art is. The characters are all unique and refreshing, while some feel clipped out of other titles. The backgrounds in the night scenes are some of my favorite of the summer seasons thus far. The feel almost like they are oil paintings rather than actual penned art; maybe the intention? The night scenes in episode 3 are some of my favorite ones to look at and gawk over so far. Check out the screenshots from the latest episode!

In any event the background art is just phenomenal and the character art is just as pleasant to look at and savor. Speaking of character design, this does follow the typical moe standard of seemingly young, school-like girls who still seem like they could be in high school or middle school; as is the case with poor Aoba Suzukaze. That shouldn’t damper your enthusiasm for choosing a character to follow and devote that precious waifu space towards. While I try to stray away from this train of thought, although Ryuko Matoi will always have a golden place on my desk/table/life, the character Hifumi Takimoto is a quick favorite for yours truly.

Now the music is also a pretty good note. The actual opening song, Million Clouds by Maaya Sakamoto, is really pleasant sounding and frankly one of my favorite, along with Hare Bare Fanfare by Mimimemwmimi (Availible on US iTunes). The actual main ost melodies and environmental music is simple enough, yet it carries just the right amount of weight when there needs to be some within the actual anime. I especially love the melodies that play when Aoba Suzukaze is walking home at night in episode 3 after having successfully passed her first character model. It’s gentle moments like that, that truly brings out the joy of watching this anime. Speaking of joyful moments, this anime has a lot going on in the background. While very much a girls story of working within the gaming industry, it’s also a great piece on why you should pursue your passions. Granted not everything is fully obtainable, but that shouldn’t stop someone from attempting to do the best you can possibly do, in what little time you have. What I learned from just watching episode 3 of this anime is that one should never just be satisfied with something. You work and toil over it for such a period of time that you want to surpass that satisfaction every time. I know I feel that way when it comes to my writing.

Enjoy the official PV from Kadokawa

Now I know I always ask this near the end, but should this be an anime that you pick up this Summer season? While we already have some heavy hitters and some leftovers from Spring, New Game is a title that can stand on its own and is a refreshing change of pace from titles like Mob Psycho 100 or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. You may find this anime in line with the sweet and gentle anime, Sweetness and Lightning. In any event, this anime should be one that you add to your Summer watch list this year. If you have already seen this anime, what do you think about this title? Is it a yay or nay for you? Feel free to leave us a comment down below our on our official twitter page.

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