OGZ is going on Vacation This coming week!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a heads up! I will be on vacation from writing for OGZ starting next week. I need some personal time to work with financial stuff and to just mentally recoup. I still have a day job and my job at Viewster to work with, just wanted to take a break from one side of the writing fence. 

This isn’t a hiatus, I may pop in with new content sooner than a week but for the most part I will be inactive on this site for the time being. I just really need to catch up on anime and games for review as I have been watching one episode a night and it is taking a bit of time. If you all want, we will still be active on our Twitter page and reachable via our business email!

See you all next week after vacation!

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For business and collaboration questions: kausus@otakugamerzone.com


2 thoughts on “OGZ is going on Vacation This coming week!

  1. I hope you take this time rest. You deserve it. When you get back, we will be here and you can write and tell us more exciting things. 🙂


  2. Have a nice vacation, rest a lot and come back fresh and nice! (≧∇≦)/

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