First Impression: Amanchu

Beautiful, derpy and gentle. Words I would use to describe other, individual anime titles. Instead, I find myself using them all to describe one anime. Amanchu. This anime is funny and yet it has such a beautiful soul. The characters are lively, beautiful and at moments, derpy as hell. Amanchu opens with us being introduced to two different types of women. One overly outgoing and bubbly lass, the other a lass who has been forced to go to a school different from the ones her friends have gone to. What this anime has shown us, is a world in which, Hikari Nohinata feels that we are strongly connected to the sea and shares a deep love for diving. Futuba Ooki on the other hand is much more reserved, humble and hurting. Having little contact with her friends after her move, she clings to the memories of yesteryear and desperately hopes for a response from her friends. As fate often does, it brings our two female leads together with Futuba  becoming interested and awestruck by how Hikari lives life without any regret. It’s this burning passion that Futuba unwittingly is drawn to and as such, finds herself placed into situations that she normally would not have had the forethought to handle.

The anime handles these situations with bliss. It’s such a beautiful anime and how everything is played out is just so peaceful. I love it all. The background art, to the pool scene in episode 2 with the cherry blossoms surrounding both Hikari & Futuba. It’s just so gushing with color and vividness. It is so far one of the more pretty and more impacting visuals I have seen in an anime to date. While I am not sure of their exact relation, I cannot help but sense there may be Yuri undertones here and that’s very much, alright. It’s cute, it’s endearing and it helps to erase a terrible stigma. Hikari is and may even become, the flagship in the fan-favorite department, due in part to her over the top expression and mannerisms. Futuba is my favorite out of the girls introduced so far and it’s in the shy characters that I can often find myself relating towards. Getting to watch a character that I can partially relate with, develop themselves through others and explore sides of their lives in which they never would have previously done, is just exciting.

One of the most beautiful and peaceful scenes I have seen in a long time.

Music is a key factor for me in these sort of titles and Amanchu delivers on that note. The soft melodies are a particular favorite of this series and I cannot find any faults, just aside from the fact that the selection seems lacking; granted we are just only two episodes in. “Million Clouds” by Maaya Sakamoto is the opening for this anime and the song just fits it so well. I cannot express how much this opening just gets the feels train going. Of course, this is where I get the strong Yuri, undertones which again is not a negative thing at all. While Maaya Sakamoto has a presence on the US iTunes Store, I cannot find this track for sale as of this writing. Will try to update when it goes up; if it does.

Check out the official PV for Amanchu

Should this be a title you pick up? That is the question we like to ask at the end of these first impressions. Usually I say just yes, but today is slightly different. You SHOULD watch this title. Yes, it’s a bit romantic at points, yes it’s got silly expressions and facial feature but it is a genuinely amazing work of art. From the style, to the narrative of a girl trying to find a new footing away from the friends she holds most dear, to a random soul who loves nothing more than becoming one with the ocean she lives by. The anime screams quality to me every time I watch it and I have not been disappointed by any of the episodes thus far. Granted this anime will be for some and that’s that. I can’t force everyone to watch this, but I highly consider and urge that you at least give the first two episodes a shot. If not for the silliness of it then enjoy it for the beauty that lies within it’s art. Nothing makes me feel more at ease and calm, than the scenic backgrounds of this anime.

As always be sure to let us know what you think about Amanchu down in the comment section below or on our Twitter page. Also, we appreciate the continued views! We hope that the content that we bring you continues to improve and impress!

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