First Impression: Bananya

A short first impression today! If you love cats and you love bite size anime, then we have the one for you right here. Enter the world of Bananya, an anime about cat’s who happen to live in bananas (bananya being a play on the Japanese sound for cats, which is ‘nya’)! The anime is short, about 4 minute long episodes and they are just quick informational bits about the various type of Bananya’s. Each episode ends on a informational note by talking and discussing the various types of Bananya’s that are in the Bananya anime universe. The story is what I assume will be an informative look on the Bananya and how they interact with the world around them when humans are not present. We have only the guiding voice of the narrator who talks in depth about what each Bananya is and what sort of personality and ticks they have.


The anime will sadly be a short and quick one, since the episodes only last around 4 minutes and the seasons for these short ones, minus a select few, tend to only run 12 episodes at best. Bananya still wins us over with it’s charming nature and cats that live in Bananas. I mean honestly, who could not love this? It’s an anime about cats that live in delicious bananas! Wait. I have been eating banana cats my whole life… excuse me. The animation of this short is very superb for a short one. These bits tend to be nothing special and they frankly all follow the same rough animation and quick gestures path. Bananya stands out in that most of the animations are quite fluid and well done for a short. Now the music is as simple as the art and is nothing special nor nothing too dull. I really cannot say much more than that.

With shorts becoming more of a norm and more popular, what do you think will become of most longer ran anime? Bananya is currently streaming to Crunchyroll and airs every Monday. If you have yet to watch this anime, I highly recommend you do as both a banana and cat lover. If you have seen the short, feel free to let us know how you feel about it down below or with us on Twitter!

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1 thought on “First Impression: Bananya

  1. I think the days of One Piece/Bleach/Naruto and even the Precures/Shugo Charas are over. Having breaks between seasons is something that’s a long time coming for Japan. But there’s also the rise of the “go read the rest in the manga” endings, specially for shoujo.

    Just as long as anime don’t switch to operating on a “yeah, it’s just for the Internet, so no big deal” budget. *coughSailorMoonCrystalcough*

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