First Impression: Mob Psycho 100

Step into one of the most visceral and unique anime to possibly hit this Summer season. Mob Psycho 100 is the next thing from the series creator of, One Punch Man. Following the story of a middle school boy simply called, Mob (real name: Kageyama Shigeo), as he performs acts of prowess in defeating supernatural spirits and entities. Under the ‘careful’ tutelage of master, Reigen Arakata, Mob seeks to control his inevitable explosion of power through the daily tasks of defeating spirits with his master. While his master is the self-proclaimed Psychic of the century, he is really just a knowledgeable con-artist who is looking to make a quick buck out of the people stuck with having to deal with these spirits.

The first episode establishes this in a charming, absurd and magical way that only this anime can and it is brilliant. From the exaggerated character animations, to the absurd poker-faces that Reigen Arakat  is able to pull on EVERYONE he talks to; even spirits are not immune to his gullible tales. While the first episode is always the one to establish a lot of the story, I felt a little bit lacking. While every anime handles the information section differently, I would have enjoyed having a tad bit more information regarding the world we are brought into by this anime.

The art style of this anime is unlike anything I have ever seen. It’s so rough around the edges that it actually helps the anime! The exaggerated character emotions and animations also excel, thanks in part to this wonderful art style that we get to look at. Now this is not going to be an art style that many will be able to stomach. It is crude and every character has a derpy look about them. This anime is in keeping with the creators original art style and it honors it well. For those who have seen One Punch Man then the style will be very similar and thus not a burden on a first time viewer. With that all being said is the art that rough and simple? No, rough style’s always have a bit of getting used to around them and while it may not be the overly beautiful, eye candy anime that many of us are used to, it is still beautiful and charming in it’s own right. The simplicity of the art style may also be a bit easier to draw and while some anime can be too simple, Mob Psycho 100 is a beautiful marriage of rough-simplicity. The animation is also seamless and fluid. I haven’t been this pleased with animation since my time watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The fight scenes are quick and stunning and are very over the top in their nature, which again lends itself to how rough and exaggerated the anime is made to feel.

Music in this anime is top notch. The fight music is especially pleasing to the ears and I am already counting the days until I can try to get my hands on the anime’s actual OST (Official Soundtrack). The opening is one of the better openings thus far. While it isn’t going to beat Sweetness and Lightning’s opening, it is ranked higher than most. I will try to link an official music link, once the album hits either the US iTunes Store page or the Japanese one. The opening number is simply called, 99 by Mob Choir and fits the whole number charge theme that will lead to Mob’s  eventual explosion. The everyday music that dot’s the less hectic scenes is again, very well done and is hardly intrusive. The sound bits and effects that dot the anime are amazing and are used to the point of perfection. It’s just a magical time when it comes to the sounds of this anime. The voice work is incredibly amazing and I have a hard time finding any faults with the voice work not matching their characters.

Overall I am blown away, artistically, by this anime. Story wise I will have to give it two more episodes to fully have my thoughts and opinions ready for the public. Should this be an anime that you watch right now? I give it a wholehearted, yes. While this is bound to be one of the more popular anime of the Summer season, it shouldn’t deter you from picking this one up for fear of being labeled a band-wagon. IF you have already checked the series out, what did you think of the first episode? Feel free to leave us a comment down below!


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3 thoughts on “First Impression: Mob Psycho 100

  1. I liked the unique look of this and the music is really good but I just couldn’t stand the characters and have decided to put this one on hold for the time. I will keep reading reviews though and I might get back to it later.

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    1. Stick around, the show hasn’t started yet…

      The first episode only set the groundwork for the series
      and focused on omake (side/bonus) chapters and all, but the 2nd
      episode from what I read…will be much better and there is a story
      as well that will begin by the 2nd/3rd episode!

      Many many people who’ve read the manga REALLY love this
      series, heck a lot of things in the OP is just teasing what’s to come.

      If what everyone said about ONE’s storytelling is anything but great…
      I believe this series is gonna become even more then what has been seen.

      Give the 2nd episode a shot or stick around until the 3rd episode, you might
      miss out on a lot just from the first episode fellow friend.


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