Thank You

Coming off the announcement that I would be writing for Viewster, I was rushed with a bountiful amount of well wishers on WordPress, Twitter, from family and friends. I cannot answer them all one by one nor can I fully every express the immense amount of gratitude I feel for having such amazing people in my life. I started Otaku Gamer Zone with the intention of providing a unique view on anime, video games and everything else in-between. I wanted there to be someone behind the writings. I wanted to express the points that I loved about anime and games to others in the field. Otaku Gamer Zone was born out of an immensely successful convention weekend at, Naka-Kon 2015 and has since grown to encompass much more. In only a year and couple of months time, I have engaged with many other bloggers and websites, developed connections to amazing individuals like, Rob Pereyda of ViZ and Hank Smith of Viewster. I was apart of ambitious programs like, Omakase and I have recently gotten the chance to become apart of the Viewster family. Even in my wildest dreams, I could never have thought that I would have done all that within the span of one year. One microscopic grain among a sea of many others.

The immense support is overwhelming and I cannot help but feel a bit special. : )

I don’t feel as if I deserve what I have received. Others have worked longer and harder than I have but yet here I am. Speechless and enamored by the situation I have found myself in. I am someone who wants to be as humble as I humanly can be. I am someone who shies away from the praise as I feel it could be better reserved for someone else who deserves it more. That is something that is out of my reach however and I am humbled and honored nevertheless. This is a thank you to Rob Pereyda, the man who gave OGZ its first chance with an ambassadorship with Omakase and to the future chances I may encounter. Thank you for your bountiful support, encouragement and help through the majority of this year. This is a thank you to Hank Smith, I’ve logged too many hours in Overwatch with you to play with anyone else and I have become apart of the Viewster family thanks to your encouragement and enthusiasm. Thank you for your continued support/praise, as well as providing me with more opportunities to better myself as a blogger. This is a thank you to you, the viewers, the stalkers in the dark & the subscribed followers of Twitter and beyond. Without your views, your comments your engagements, I wouldn’t have any of this.

While I am neither the best website to frequent nor the world’s most grammatically correct blogger, I still wish to better myself for you all.  I want to be able to return that faith, support and appreciation in full and more. Whether or not that will be soon or in the future remains, at best, to be seen. I hope that OGZ can continue to prove itself and grow to meet the expectations of the fans. Thank you all once more and I’ll see you all in the next one.

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1 thought on “Thank You

  1. Great for you. You deserve these blessings, Kausus. Keep it up. Cheers!

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