I am now a writer for Viewster!

I said I had a pretty big announcement coming didn’t I? Well, fret no more for that announcement is here. Starting today, officially, I will be blogging for Viewster! While Omakase by Viewster opened the door for OGZ to work with Viewster, Viewster gladly welcomed us inside of it’s tight little circle of fans, contributors and managers once more. This time it is as apart of the family. I will be doing all manner of blogging, like I am doing for OGZ. This is monumental for myself and it is a step that I felt would never com however, with it comes immense responsibility and a learning experience. While I cannot provide in-depth details regarding what all I will be doing, know that I will continue to provide my best. The biggest question is how is this going to affect Otaku Gamer Zone? Well, it shouldn’t. 

While my focus will be primarily writing for Viewster, I will still run OGZ, just in more of a slightly out of sight way. I have little in information regarding how I will restructure my writing for OGZ but there will be a change coming. OGZ is very much a part of myself and I do not wish for it to simply vanish. I’ve worked too hard on building OGZ up only to just have to tear it down. It just may be a smaller imprint. I do wish to say that this is all thanks to you all. My supportive followers, subscribers and occasional, stalkers. Without the support, push and drive that I received from you all, I may have not been at this point. I actually get to write about anime, hopefully games too, for a company that I have had a good relationship with this past November. 

If you have yet to check out Viewster, consider visiting their website and checking out what anime they have to offer. They stream anime for free in select countries and will have different anime licenses per country. That means that while the US has K-On! The UK may get Love Live instead (rough example). Thank you everyone again for the support and I hope to continue my work here with OGZ as well. Please note that this was written on my phone and will not have my center justification that I am so fond of…

Viewster official site: https://www.viewster.com


13 thoughts on “I am now a writer for Viewster!

  1. Awwwwweee so this is what you have been up to, huh! Congratulations Kausus! Very well done. I know you’re gonna be fine with your Viewster family. Just don’t forget about your OGZ stalkers. Ehem. Ganbatte ne!

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      1. Wuehehe yer welcome!


  2. So this the big news? Congratulations on joining Viewster. I hope your enjoy this new change. I am also glad to hear that you will still be here blogging as OGZ. I give you thumbs up ;).

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      1. You’re welcome, buddy. Keep us up to date on how you are liking it. Unless it’s confidential information.


  3. We’ve truly been surprised — Congrats Kausus!! I do still hope to see you around here, though. We’ve dragged you this far in, and you can’t leave our grasp now muahaha.


  4. Congratulations!

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