OGZ’s Top Five Anime for Summer!

Hello and welcome back to another top five list! This time we are going to be dipping into anime that we enjoy and feel would make an awesome addition to your summer season! While summer did start a few weeks back, we generally count the summer month as July. As such we feel it is only right to provide you all with some recommended anime to watch during this summer time! Whether it is a hot summer romance or just a tame yet humorous anime, we got you covered. Without further stalling, let’s dive right into the beef of the subject!


The first anime that reminds me greatly of summer is the anime series, Non Non Biyori. An anime that has been adapted from the manga of the same name, Non Non Biyori explores the everyday lives of a few school girls that reside in the Japanese countryside. The anime is a light-hearted, slice of life that does its very best to get us all to crack a smile. Having watched this last summer, it still remains a very prevalent reminder of how fun a summer anime binge can be. If you enjoyed the anime, Nichijou, I can say you will love this one just as much. While the humor is toned down and it is from a different author/company, I often find myself calling this the Nichijou of the countryside.


The second anime that we are recommending for this list is the romantic anime, Toradora. I cannot express how much fun and how heart-wrenching this anime is. Having also watched this, this past summer, Toradora remains a strong pick in my recommendation for a summer romance flick. It will leave you wanting more and it will also leave you with a sense of fulfillment, at least it my case it did. The story of Toradora follows two high school students who happen to live next door and the lives they begin to lead as a blooming love sprouts between the two. It has it’s low and high points and also manages to have one of the best composed soundtracks I have heard yet in an anime.


The third anime on this list is a another romantic bit that is called, One Week Friends. This is an anime about two high schooler’s, one who forgets everything she experiences every new Monday and one boy, who is determined to help her to remember him. It’s a short yet bittersweet title that will choke you up and plaster a smile on your face. It’s 12 episode run will leave you begging for another run of the anime as the characters are beautifully drawn and the story so much more personable than you could imagine.


The fourth anime on this list is the anime, No-Rin a silly anime set at a school that focuses on agriculture, we follow several students in their day to day businesses with learning the finer crafts of agriculture. What makes this one so special? Well a popular idol decides to quit singing and comes to this school to learn more about the boy who admires her idol side, while also being able to teach her about the joys of farming. While it may not be for everyone it is quite the comical anime with its obvious fan service aspects.


The last anime to grace this list is the ever awesome and always fun, Himouto Umaru-Chan. This anime came out in a fury of love and excitement as many around the globe instantly fell in love with Umaru-Chan. It gave many a nerdy lady someone in which to connect to and it gave guys a new waifu to admire. The anime is a short one but the comedy more than makes up for it all and the opening is just a beautiful ode to all things, gaming and anime. If this anime didn’t make your list for last year, make that up by catching it right now!



We have one honorable mention and bonus and that is the new anime, Flying Witch. I am in love with the art, the opening and everything about it. Who knew a slice of life about a young witch going about her daily life, could be so engrossing? The anime just finished up and we will be posting our review on it soon and highly recommend it for anyone wanting to make their summer a bit more interesting!

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations and to our local U.S. viewers, we wish you all very fun, very safe fourth of July! Stay safe when firing off those fireworks! IF you haven’t seen, we did recently grab a more professional email and any new business or point of contact for all matters regarding OGZ should be directed to kausus@otakugamerzone.com

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6 thoughts on “OGZ’s Top Five Anime for Summer!

  1. I’ve been wanting to see No-Rin ever since FUNimation put out their dub trailer for it. The clips that I saw were pretty hilarious, and the art style is really bright and colorful. I think it’d be a great summer watch! Sadly, I haven’t seen any of the others as well >.> but I’ll have to keep them in mind, especially Non Non Biyori. Thanks for sharing your summah animu, happy fourth!!


  2. I’m super curious about One Week Friends because I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it. While I’m mostly sticking to what the season has offered me!

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  3. Just a random heads up, the director of “One Week Friends” is directing a new anime this summer called “Sweetness & Lightning”.

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  4. I love all these choices and would watch them all 😀

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  5. Himouto Umaru-Chan looks like a great choice. I can see it being here on this list.

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    1. Of course! Nothing completes a Summer more!

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